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Feb 24, 2013 04:00 PM

Sunday Birthday Dinner Recommendations and Weekend Itinerary

I have been reviewing quite a bit of information but I continue to run in to the problem of many restaurants being closed on Sunday nights. I am planning for the weekend of March 8. We arrive on Friday night fairly late and have reservations at Cochon (I would appreciate other recommendations for 10p or later reservations or opinions for this night as well). Saturday we will be attending the Abita beer festival so we are not making any plans that evening, needless to say. On Sunday morning, we have brunch reservations at Coquette.

My problems arise Sunday night. We have been to NO several times so many places like August, CP, etc. have already been used. Many board favs like Clancy's, Lilette, Brigsten's, and Herbsaint are closed. Price is not an issue but she does not like fish so obviously that is a moderate limitation. I have been considering Domenica, La Petite Grocery, and Palace, but I would really appreciate input. Thanks in advance.

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  1. In the FQ, you have many restaurants that are open on Sunday for dinner. Those that I would personally recommend are: Arnaud's, Cafe Giovanni, Galatoire's. Galvez, GW Fins, Maximo's, Mr. B's, Muriel's, The Rib Room and So Bou.

    In the Uptown area: Atchafalaya, La Crepe Nanu, La Petit Grocery, Martinique and the Upperline.

    Wharehouse District: Emeril's, Rene Bistrot, Tomas Bistrot and Tommy's Cuisine.