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Feb 24, 2013 03:32 PM

Poll: Does Sage smell like Horses to you?

I'm... actually serious here. Was breaking up some dried sage (from someone's garden) for sauce, and i swear to g-d it reminded me of horses!

... is this normal?

Did I get some bad sage?

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  1. What did they use to fertilize the garden with?

    1. sage is musky - it might remind someone of horses. I think your sage is probably fine.

      1. I get that from sagebrush. ; >)

        1. Have never noticed it. I think horses smell good, a very distinctive smell.

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          1. re: kengk

            Love the smell of horses. I always felt women have a special affinity for horses.

            But no Sage I have ever smelled had a similar odor to that of horses.

          2. Definitely not. (Love the smell of both, though.)