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Poll: Does Sage smell like Horses to you?

I'm... actually serious here. Was breaking up some dried sage (from someone's garden) for sauce, and i swear to g-d it reminded me of horses!

... is this normal?

Did I get some bad sage?

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  1. What did they use to fertilize the garden with?

    1. sage is musky - it might remind someone of horses. I think your sage is probably fine.

      1. I get that from sagebrush. ; >)

        1. Have never noticed it. I think horses smell good, a very distinctive smell.

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            Love the smell of horses. I always felt women have a special affinity for horses.

            But no Sage I have ever smelled had a similar odor to that of horses.

          2. Definitely not. (Love the smell of both, though.)

            1. No, but thyme smells like gym socks to me. I read seafood menus especially carefully since that seems to be a favorite add-in for both seafood and accompanying side-dishes.

              1. Sage doesn't smell like horses to me. And I grow Sage & raise horses.

                1. No, I've never experienced that with sage.

                  However, dog feet smell like popcorn to me and cumin often smells like BO (but I cook with it anyway).

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                  1. re: tcamp

                    Can't say I agree about how Cumin smells to you, but re: dog feet, that "popcorn" (or Frito Corn Chips) scent is due to particular bacteria/yeast that collects in the crevices & between the toes.

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      "What does horse smell like?"

                      But seriously...Got to have been up close to one and experienced it firsthand ipsedixit; can't really explain it. :)

                          1. re: ipsedixit

                            Earthy. Hay. Wonderful.

                            If their stall isn't mucked out properly it smells like wet, musky crap.

                          2. It doesn't to me, but I can actually understand what you mean. For the record, some BO smells like chicken soup to me. I have felt this way since kindergarten.

                            1. I have only used dried sage from my own garden (or from a store), but I can't say I've ever sensed that.

                              Cilantro does smell "soapy" to me, though

                              1. I think there can be a variation of the smell, depending on the variety of sage, as well as growing conditions.
                                To me, it smells like, well, sage. It does "remind" me of the outdoors, and maybe even some of the animals that live there. A smell can "remind" someone of lots of different things, depending on the associations one has with that particular smell.