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Feb 24, 2013 02:57 PM

Portuguese for beginners?

I've recently moved to RI, near East Providence, and would like to learn about Portuguese cuisine; I know next to nothing about it. I'm looking for suggestions for sit down restaurants, carry out places, holes in the wall, groceries, street food, bars, anyplace to try this cuisine which is new to me. Any good places to enjoy Portuguese table wines by the glass? Great place to buy linguica or churico? Are there some classic dishes I need to try? Any noteworthy Portuguese cheese? Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Sagres in Fall River is wonderful. Old-world charm and fantastic bacalhau washed down with vinho verde.

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    1. Absolutely agree on Sagres. Go often and order what suits you. One of my favorite dishes has a marinated grilled pork and littleneck clams in a nice, slightly spicy broth. As is fairy typical, it's served with rice and fried potatoes. Further down 195 is Antonio's (and many others) in New Bedford. It's more of a dive/Bar/Family restaurant all-in-one, than Sagres, but also good. Do a search here. It will reveal LOTS of info.

      1. Had lunch at Sagres a couple years ago. Very good. Across the street is a Portuguese bakery - delicious bread!

        My review:

        1. Had lunch at O'Dini's a while back. Seemed authentic (at least it seemed that half the customers were speaking what I guessed was Portuguese!). Cafe decor, not fancy. Can't remember what I had, but I'd go there again.

          1. I just went to Central Ave bakery near saint Leo's in Pawtucket. I got a few things which I cannot pronounce and they were great. The prices are very reasonable.
            This is a portugese bakery.