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Feb 24, 2013 02:51 PM

Baltimore book club meeting spot?

Anyone have a suggestion for where my book club could meet in Baltimore city? We're looking for some place in the evening after work, where the waiters/owners wouldn't mind us hanging out for a couple hours. There are approximately 8 of us.

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  1. I assume you're looking to order food as well as drinks? If so, what about a tapas place like Mezze where you could order lots of small dishes over the course of the meeting? The food at Mezze is delicious, and they have larger tables for bigger groups. If you're more interested in beer/snacks, what about Heavy Seas Alehouse? You all could find a quiet nook in one of their back rooms. Their beer selection is great, and their bar food is stellar.

    1. I haven't been on a weeknight recently to know how crowded it gets, but Teavolve has a lovely space on Aliceanna. They are supposed to be opening a new place up near Hopkins Hospital, but not sure it's open yet. They do food and alcoholic beverages (in addition to coffees and teas).

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        Thanks for this great suggestion! We've met at Teavolve a few times now, and it has really worked well. The staff has been great, and the menu has both "real food" for people making a meal of it as well as happy hour apps for people who choose. The presence of drinks for those who want to drink and a great selection of teas for those who don't want alcohol was great, too. Clearly, I'm really happy with them. Thanks again for the suggestion!