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Feb 24, 2013 02:34 PM

Cookware for my new Viking Range?

I want to buy a few pots and pans for my new Viking professional range. I was considering a cast iron griddle. I also want a skillet, a sauce pan, and two pots. I am looking forward to both the higher BTU burner and the simmer burner. I had an old used Magic Chef range before. I also need an enameled casserole or dutch oven for the oven. I already own a nice carbon steel wok.

Any recommendations? I need to keep this on the less expensive side. Have a very small budget.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm not sure what buying a Viking has to do with being on a budget but you don't exactly need to buy new pots and pans every time you buy a range. We have a variety of pots and pans. Surprising to both of us is a Viking fry pan is one of the best we've ever had. Though heavy, its taken incredible high heat use for years, has held up well plus does everything you want from a fry pan.

    1. Doesn't Viking have a griddle option? I think that would work better than setting a griddle on top. Features like that are one of the reasons people like pro-style ranges.

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        Depends on which Viking. I had a 30" Viking in my old apartment, only 4 burners. If a griddle was even an option for it (not sure if it was, the stove was there when I moved in), having it would only leave 2 burners to cook on. The center area between the burners might have worked, but that would be a very narrow griddle.

      2. Why do you need new pots and pans?

        1. Because mine are worn out, just as my range was. But nevermind, I found some at HomeGoods.

          1. Actually I will save up for the Viking griddle, it would fit. It's just expensive. I mean, I put my own sheet metal up behind the Viking, it was really a splurge for me. Do any of you like Cuisinart, Cephalon, or All Clad? I can find these discounted at HomeGoods or TJMax. I just bought a Cuisinart saucepan. I hate nonstick.

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              Most people are really happy with any one of those 3. My Calphalon is 10 yrs old and although I've banged it around a lot, it has not one single dent, ding or major scratch. I've given it plenty of fine scratches, using SOS pads from time to time, but they're all surface scratches. It still cooks as well as the day I bought it. Glass lids are all intact, too!

              I recently scored a 12" skillet at TJ Maxx, the one thing I never had. I can't see you being unhappy with any of them as long as the handles are comfy.

              And don't forget the Tramontina at Wal-Mart. There have been a lot of positive posts about it here.