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Feb 24, 2013 01:30 PM

Reunion Resort Area

Will be staying soon at the Reunion Resort. Looking for restaurants relatively close by for either lunch or diner with kids 9 years old. No chains please. The choices closer to the resort seem to be very limited from what I can determine. Open to price range just want really good food! Will be going to Universal Studios parks so if you have great ideas about in the park (which typically dont have great food) or places outside for afterwards I would Love to hear them!! Thanks

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  1. The food at Reunion is quite good, but you are correct, not much else in the near vicinity. Paris bistro (champions gate) has a great quiche, they are only open breakfast and lunch. La Luce is great for dinner over near Disney. Raglan road is good for dinner at downtown Disney. One thing I definitely would recommend, google "yehaa bob". Great kid friendly sing along show at River Side ( it's free).

    1. Haven't been there in a few years,but Celebration had a number of decent restaurants. One was an Italian one,but I can't remember the name of it. The restaurant on the top floor of the Reunion is also very good. Loved staying there,the condos are beautiful.