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March'13 MSP Dish of the Month - NOMINATIONS

Hello fellow Chowhounds! As February wraps up and we all begin to let ourselves think about winter ending, it is time to open the floor for nominations for the March Dish of the Month (DOTM).

Place your nominations by responding to this thread. Nominations are open now until 6 pm Tuesday, 2/26. Feel free to nominate more than one item - but remember than when it comes to voting you will only be able to place one vote. I am also dropping the all caps rule for nominations, so feel free to not use your cap lock button.

If you are able to think of anything that might be coming in to season by the end of March I would love to see that nominated too!

March 10 - Daylight savings time returns
March 17 - St. Patricks day
March 31 - Easter

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  1. Beer (st pats day)
    tamales, my favorite again

          1. Fish fry

            (Thank you, bkmnus!)


                1. re: american_idle

                  Not nearly enough restaurants serving this. Also called Country Fried Steak. Sausage gravy and eggs required.

                  1. re: BlueSkyGuy

                    So why have a dish of the month no one is selling and no one can buy?

                    1. re: american_idle

                      Part of this exercise is to find places that serve things. I'd be interested. For example, I know Dixies on Grand Avenue has this dish. I had it many years ago and it's quite delicious.

                      1. re: shoo bee doo

                        Exactly! It's a great comfort food dish. R.J. Riches makes a decent version. So does Keys in Forest Lake. Also Joe's on Main in Cambridge. I'd like to know who else is doing it well.

              1. I like the idea of Fish Fry because it's lent.

                I like the idea of toast because I've never thought of that before and it's unusual.

                  1. Lamb would be good, for spring, but maybe it's too broad a category?

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                      1. Love the idea for fish fry, but I am going to veer in another direction for the meatless meal option -


                        1. I can't make up my mind so I will offer up two nominations:

                          1) Tres Leches Cake - Its been a while since this was discussed on this board
                          2) Corned Beef and Cabbage - It is that time of year

                          1. Lots of great ideas for March - nominations remain open until 6pm tonight when the voting thread will be created.

                            1. Nominations are now closed!