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Feb 24, 2013 01:12 PM

What do I do with crappy homemade wine given as a gift...

Local man and customer of ours makes some type of wine-I think mullberry or some fruit...He has one of those pro style cork things so its pretty serious. I guess he gives them out every year to lucky friends and we got one last year. It was horrible. We each had a sip and dumped the rest out....
To my shock, we received another bottle last Christmas.
Can I regift it to a friend who likes wine or should I dump it out.....Ann
PS I will send it to anyone here who wants it...

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  1. I'd just continue to thank him (oh, that's so thoughtful -- because it is) -- and pour it down the drain -- or keep it to see if someone else might like it. I wouldn't regift it, though -- I'd tell them up front that the guy makes it, but you don't care for it -- they're welcome to it if they'd like to try it.

    This one is an entry under "it's the thought that counts"

    1. I'd try to cook with it - try reducing it or something, then swirling a little butter, some garlic, etc. into it.

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      1. re: jeanmarieok

        I'm not sure about garlic in a fruit wine like Mulberry. They're meant more as an aperitif, I believe, rather than something to cook with.

        And you really should never cook with any wine you wouldn't want to drink.

        1. re: Bacardi1

          I have to disagree, (re cooking)

          perhaps lightly reduced into a marinade/glaze for a pork roast or duck. or add sugar and reduce it in a most brutal manner into a syrup for crepes etc.

          purposefully turn it into vinegar for a vinegarette (albeit one only fit for salad at a bridge club luncheon 50 years ago)

          1. re: hill food

            hill food and I are on the same page with this one - my first two [and only] thoughts were to use it in a gastrique or turn it into vinegar.

      2. I am hesitate to cook with it...or marinate with it.....Since I won't drink it..I appreciate the gift, and the thought is wonderful.
        Think about it this way-what would YOU do if a friend make a batch of strawberry jam and it was awful.
        Ask if any others had imput? Tell them the flavor was off? Be honest.
        Would YOU like to know?
        Maybe it wasn't just us. Was it a bad batch?!? Ann

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        1. re: annfaulkner

          "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive". I grew up hearing that and, to this day when situations like yours come up, I tell the truth. Better than feeling guilty every year when this guy gives you wine (which he thinks you enjoy) and you dump it.

          1. re: grampart

            I'm on the other side -- he works hard to make it, he's extremely proud of it -- there is absolutely nothing good that will come from telling him you don't like it.

            Should he ever directly ask "do you like it?" I would be honest in the gentlest way I could find -- but I'd never say "hey, stop giving me this; it sucks."

            And this is a customer with whom there is obviously a good relationship -- the downside of telling him it's bad is far greater than "Thank you, that's so thoughtful" -- which is NOT a lie.

        2. smile and then later, throw out ASAP!

          1. I dunno . . . why is this so difficult?

            >>> Can I regift it to a friend who likes wine? <<<

            Why? So YOU can blamed for really $#|++/ wine???

            Just be polite: smile, say "thank you," and pour it down the drain . . . but I'd taste it first: you never know; you might not have to fake it!

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              I agree to taste it first. Maybe his wine is improving. Maybe you just got a bad bottle last year. The first bottle a winemaking friend gave me had oxidized. I dumped it and told him, but that was easy - sometimes you're going to get a bad bottle (his wine is otherwise very good).