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Apr 13, 2006 03:54 PM

Rebecca's Coffee House (San Diego)

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I finally stopped by Rebecca's in South Park a few weeks ago after much prodding from a friend... and I have to say that they have the BEST SCONES that I've ever had! If you come in the mornings, she (Rebecca) actually has fresh ones coming out at around 9 or 10 am every morning... different flavors every day. I had a ginger pear scone with some great coffee. Her scones are always fresh with a perfectly crisp crust! I'm actually sitting at Rebecca's right now using their free Wi-FI.. can't beat that!

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  1. do you have an address or website?

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      Unknown Eater

      3015 Juniper St

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        Oh sorry, they don't have a website, but it is on the corner of 30th street & Juniper.. a bit south of the Linkery & Lefty's Pizza. Here's a a bit about it from UT's online website:

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            I was just arguing with a friend that they didn't have a website... but I guess I was wrong. It's:

    2. OMG! i had a scone at this place and it was def the best ever. thanks hounds. you guys are good at picking delish spots.

      i read about mama's lebanese today. might have to try that tomorrow for lunch?

      1. Rebecca's is a good coffeehouse but the by far best coffeehouse in SD is not far away: Caffe Calabria. They roast their own coffeebeans, they know the importance of the right microfoam for a cappuccino and their prosciutto panini is hard to beat.

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          Like Mama's lebanese. LOVE Caffe Calabria :-)