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Apr 13, 2006 03:51 PM

Mammoth- Village at Mammoth

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Does anyone have any recs for dining options in the Village at Mammoth? Headed there this weekend. Also, is it necessary to make reservations?

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  1. Not a timely response, so the original poster won't benefit, but this might help someone doing a search.

    I go to Mammoth several times a year and always stay in the Village. (I guess it would be appropriate to disclose that I own a condo in the Village.)

    The following are my chowhound recommendations in the Village:

    HENNESSEY'S: a SoCal chain with above average bar food. Decent Buffalo wings, by "west coast standards" (see my many posts on Buffalo wings for what I mean by that.) The Mammoth BrewCo Pale Ale on tap goes very well. Great for a casual apres-ski. On Saturdays during ski season expect to wait for a table for dinner. My strategy is to try and get a table in the bar area. Service is usually very good.

    LULU'S: a NoCal chain with a terrific wine selection. Pricey, but very good upscale dining. Consistently great service.

    SIDE DOOR: an independent wine bar/cafe (the owner is a business tycoon who pioneered the use of mall directories as advertisement space.) Very pleasing ambiance with many eclectic wine choices at reasonable prices. This is a labor of love for the owner and it shows. Great for a more refined apres-ski. I love the paninis. Service has been disappointing, but the place just opened and will certainly work out the kinks.

    A few recommendations outside of the Village:

    The best place for steak in Mammoth is THE MOGUL (make a reservation), where your server actually cooks your steak. Stay away from the always overcrowded Chart House or Whiskey Creek.

    NEVADO'S has some great upscale dining, and is within walking distance from the village.

    ANGEL'S is warm, friendly, and relaxed; they have great ribs and other All-American fare.


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    1. re: bakersjoe

      Sorry but have to disagree with you on steaks @ Mogul. Our experience was horrible. 4 of us ordered a NY steak medium rare and it came out well-done (completely gray in the middle). Hard to understand how the grill chef a steak house cannot differentiate between medium well and well-done.

      Had a nice (but expensive meal) at LuLu and love the Restaurant @ Convict Lake.

      1. re: dkawai

        Glad to hear that the Restaurant at Convict Lake is still good. It's been there a long time and has gone up and down over the years. It's always been my favorite in that area for a full-spread dinner, wine, etc., especially with its setting in that beautiful and rustic Convict Lake location.

    2. We recently spent a week in Mammoth and ate at:

      Chart House (over-rated, crowded, good if you like chain type restaruants)

      Skadi's - We ordered four dishes and they all were BLAND and needed seasoning/salt. Very disappointed.

      Petra's - it is a wine bar/restaurant and it was so good we went to dinner there twice in four days.....Amazing lobster roll, gnocchi, cheese board, wines, chocolate torte, etc. Everything we ordered was delicious.

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