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Kid-friendly restaurants in Philadelphia - Need Suggestions!

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Hi Everyone....I'll be in Philly next weekend with my wife, 1 year old daughter, and parents. I'm looking for a good restaurant recommendation that you all might have, but the only caveat is that it needs to be kid-friendly. Any suggestions?

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  1. Where are you staying? Philly is a big place.

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      Over by the convention center...but we'll travel just about anywhere for good eats.

    2. the convention center is with/next to Chinatown --and almost all C'town restaurants are kid-friendly. we like Charles Plaza (on 9th near Vine) b/c he makes lots of veggie options --but owner CharlesChen (who will greet you like he knows you) will customize anything (always useful with kids) like, leave off a sauce or add more noodles. not fancy but always good.

      1. Chinatown is a good idae.

        Osteria might work.

        1. I'm assuming that if it is just the 1 year old, you don't need a place with kid friendly food, just an environment where it is comfortable to have a baby. That could be dozens of places, so some guidance on types of food would be helpful.

          I would say any of the Garces places would be fine, as would Osteria, though it might be tough to get a reservation for next weekend.

          1. Jones (a Stephen Starr place) is pretty good - we've taken our 2yo there several times since he was an infant. Beware, though - they do not take reservations.

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              if you go to Jones, the mac n cheese is a MUST order. One portion could feed your whole group, it is very rich.

            2. Distrito (Jose Garces Mexican place) in University City. We were there for lunch with an energetic toddler and the staff was just so sweet with her. They do really simple stuff for kids, like plain quesadillas, and of course a much more interesting menu for the adults.

              1. We ended up going to Sabrina's over on the Drexel campus. Really good eats and my daughter had a GREAT time people watching. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.