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Feb 24, 2013 11:33 AM

Where in Meatpacking can I have a Margarita?

Can I have a nice Margarita in the meatpacking district? Where? Maybe not?


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  1. Dos Caminos or Tortilla Flats (which is more West Village, but very close to MP)

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    1. re: wvvm

      these are both solid choices for a margarita

      1. re: wvvm

        I thought the margarita I had at Tortilla Flats was horrible

      2. You could also try . They are in Chelsea, not too far from MP area. They have a great frozen margarita. Also Dallas BBQ on 8th Avenue & 23rd St. has great frozen drinks. I'd prefer those locals vs. MP loud & expensive.

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          Blech on both but DALLAS BBQ recommended on ChowHound? They use industrial mix and taste of it. Chemical crap. No way.

          Dos caminos.