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Freh fish lexington area

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Anyone know a good source for fresh fish in the Lexington MA area.

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  1. Captain Marden's in Wellesley is worth the twenty minute ride.

    1. You may wish to concider H Mart in Burlington

      1. I like Fresh Pond seafood in Arlington.

        1. I second Fresh Pond in Arlington. It's pricey, but fish is always fresh.

          1. I've been going to the Wagon Wheel Farm Stand the past 6 months or so, right on the Lex/Waltham line. They have impeccably fresh fish at very reasonable prices. They have become my go-to place for fish.

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              Globe Fish also goes to the Farmer's Market and Busa Farms which used to host Globe Fish I believe is now a drop-off point for Cape Ann Fish so those are other options in the area, but either require waiting until farmers market season or joining the CSA at next sign-up cycle. The Medford Winter Farmer's market does have a fish vendor too.

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                Yes, Busa Farms in Lexington is the local drop-off point for Cape Ann Fresh Catch (CSF) on Wednesday afternoons. New season starting this week but you can sign up anytime and just pay the pro-rated amount till the end of the season. The fish is impeccable, it was swimming the morning of the day you pick it up. Nice people too. http://www.capeannfreshcatch.org/cafc...

            2. Thanks everybody for your responses. Have some good place to try.

              1. For every day, 'high turn over fish' like (salmon, tuna, cod, etc), we have found the Burlington Market Basket to be very good. They have a high enough volume that they get fish in every day and it's usually very good /very fresh (as good or better than, say Whole Foods). Occasionally I'll go in looking for a particular fish, and it might not look as good as I'd like, in which case I usually choose something else that does look good.

                I won't say that it's on par of a stand alone fish monger like New Deal or Fresh Pond, particularly for less common fish choices. However, with the prices at MB, we're able to have very good fish regularly, rather than just once a week or for a special occasion.

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                  Definitely agree. It isn't fancy, but in my experience the Burlington Market Basket's fish has not failed to be fresh. I make it a point to check out the fish counter whenever I am there because the fish is so affordable and good.

                2. Fresh Pond seafood is one of the better purveyors in greater Boston and right next door to Lexington. No need to schlep to Wellesley.

                  1. H-Mart. Prices are a bargain. The fact that most of the fish is whole makes it easy to see how fresh it is. A chart hanging above the display case allows you to choose how much, if any, prep you want the countermen to do. If you want to keep frames for stock-making, they'll be bagged for you. There is a huge vat of ice and a supply of extra bags so you can insulate your purchase as much as you need to.

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                      greygarious and Staffordshire - Forget about prices...how much does H Mart care about sustainable non-farmed fishing practices (I loathe that term but for lack of a better one I will use it here)? I can't believe not very much but I have never bought fish at H Mart, much less anything else there. Please advise me if I am wrong.

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                        I have read so much contradictory info about what species are and aren't truly threatened, not to mention the pros and cons of farmed seafood, that I no longer factor these matters into my shopping. What I CAN say for sure is that H-Mart carries a huge variety of species and I imagine that some of them are considered trash fish, which should mean that they are not in high demand and hence not in serious jeopardy - unless you want to include ocean pollution and temperature change, which is a given regardless of what ocean-caught fish you consume. Sounds like you have made up your mind not to shop there, for reasons not confined to their seafood counter.

                    2. Pricey with a small but very fresh, high quality selection is Wilson Farm - GREAT Atlantic farmed salmon, scallops, and cod - nothing exotic - check the expiry dates to select the freshest there.

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                        if you had to choose Wilson Farms, Busa Farms or Wagon WHeel which would be best? Is Busa farms only available as ongoing or can you buy some on one visit?
                        btw. is "Freh fish" a combination of fish that is both Fresh and Meh? sorry couldnt resist :)

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                          My first choice would be Market Basket in Burlington (soon to be in Waltham, too. Yay!) Quality, selection and price are all fantastic, and if you watch the weekly circular, there are some terrific bargains most of the time.

                          I've bought from Wilson a couple of times. The quality is excellent on the fish that has a decent expiration date. I've never bought anything expiring in a couple of days. Prices are high and selection is limited, but the fish has been great even when I've waited a day or so to cook it.

                          I've had mostly good luck at Wagon Wheel, with the exception of some fishy (but perfectly edible) cod once or twice. I'd say quality isn't quite as high as Wilson, but prices are better and their selection is much bigger since they have an actual fish counter. I'm not sure how fresh items like bluefish or scallops are, since I'm guessing they don't have as much turnover on them.

                          I've never bought fish at Busa, so no comment there.

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                          I like the fish from Wilson Farms so much we're getting their CSF (delivery every 2 wks.) this year. The scallops are from the Delaware bay and haddock from Chatham day boat, the salmon is absolutely beautiful. Everything is as fresh as can be.

                          We also buy weekly seafood from the Reading MB and have been quite satisfied especially with the trout, catfish, scallops, mussels... well actually everything.

                        3. winchester has 2 seafood purveyors at their Farmer's Market tomorrow/today, Sat.