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Feb 24, 2013 10:34 AM

Betelnut > Hutong [San Francisco]

The Chron reports that Betelnut's last day is March 3, and a week later it will reopen as Hutong. Same chef, same owners, new menus, new grill, new naan oven.

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  1. I knew you would be all over this.
    I heard this little rumour last week and Kinda didnt believe it.
    I actually made a ressie for 2 weeks from now, just to see if I get a call.

    I have a hard time they are gonna do a full on turn around, decor and food training and all, in one week.

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    1. re: smatbrat

      The chef said they've been working on it for four years. He's probably been testing the new dishes as specials.

      Redecorating could take just a few days if they're just painting and changing the art and lighting.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston


        I got this tip last week from a good source and they are talking about booths, paint, new everything.

        The staff didnt officially know this was happening till, well its was scooped. the plan was to tell the staff at their Staff party next monday. and close the next day.

        It should be interesting!

        1. re: smatbrat

          The chef posted the announcement on Facebook Saturday afternoon, Inside Scoop posted about it the next morning.

    2. Robert you were rite!

      to bad FCD wont be this fast. their missing out on the America's Cup

        1. Went last night.

          It didn't feel like it was all that different. The decor only slightly changed IMO.

          Food: Had the asparagus: same as the green beans
          Short ribs: nothing different, still good
          Oysters with siracha ice, No thanks. way too much siracha, took away from the taste of the oysters

          Sashimi: my fav dish by far

          Chicken livers were great
          Lamb belly was good at the start but became soggy really fast
          Gulf prawns were a nice take of the bacon wrapped prawn
          Roti was good, but I really did not need to order it.

            1. re: smatbrat

              I was there last week and the bartender kept making comments about how the decor was better before. seemed like people weren't too happy with the change.

              i thought the food was creative, although it had been a while since i was at betelnut so i couldn't really compare.

              1. re: smatbrat

                "Betelnut is coming back this week; Hutong experiment cut short ... Bill Higgins of Real Restaurants, which owns the restaurant ... says that since they switched it in a week, they can switch it back in a week ..."