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Feb 24, 2013 10:28 AM

"Tocque" to me about Tocqueville

There is very little said about it that I could find on this estimable forum.
Any comments yea or nay?

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  1. There are a number of very favorable posts about Tocqueville. Surprised nothing showed up in your search.

    1. I recommend searching. In my experience, it is an excellent spot for dinner, have enjoyed it very much. Not for diners who crave loud music or other forms of stimuli with their dinner.

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      1. re: 280 Ninth

        Oh! Yes! I crave an **absence** of loud music with my dinner.

        I don't eat at your concert so why do you play music at my dinner?

      2. We went for Christmas Eve dinner in 2012. Very good food, excellent service and a nice atmosphere. I have nothing bad to say about it. I think it gets overlooked on this board because people here tend to rave more about places like EMP and Daniel. Toqueville may be too "sedate" to garner much attention here. You won't find cutting edge techniques, over-the-top presentations, "freebies" and the like but you will find a very good restaurant and an enjoyable evening.

        1. Are you sure you did an appropriate search? Change the parameters to further than 1 year.

          I love Tocqueville. Service is really polished. The food is delicious and make sure you save room for their bread. Bonus for those who like larger portions as they tend to be on the generous side.

          1. I took my parents there the last time they were in town and we all loved it - lovely food, lovely ambiance, very reasonably priced for the quality. I'm surprised it doesn't get much play on this board.

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            1. re: biondanonima

              Thank you all for your (mostly) very kind replies. I certainly take your advice above other restaurant sites that I feel do not measure up and I tend not to trust them.
              I intend to make a reservation and try it out for myself.
              No loud music is a plus and I find it not necessary to have mignardises and stuff like that.
              Sounds like a "me" kind of place.

              1. re: arepo

                Glad you are going to try it, arepo. Let us know what you think.

              2. re: biondanonima

                "I'm surprised it doesn't get much play on this board."

                I stick by what I said up above; I just don't think many CHs find it "hip" enough to talk about. On a board where EMP is the subject or becomes the subject of many posts, Tocqueville will never get discussed much. That said, I find it a solid restaurant all the way around and would suggest it over and over again.

                1. re: ttoommyy

                  Your post above is the one that sold me on it.
                  You covered all the necessary points for me.
                  Thanks TTOOMMYY

                  1. re: arepo

                    You're welcome arepo. I'm at a point in life where I just want great food, excellent service and a civilized environment. I no longer look for fireworks and surprises; I've had enough of that. Either I'm at the vanguard of a new phase in restaurants...or just old(er). :)