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Feb 24, 2013 10:00 AM

nopales in lynnwood area?

are tnere any mexican restaurants that serve nopales in the lynnwood area? i made a batch based on a recipe i saw on tv, but i would like to try it at a restaurant, because i am not sure if the flavor and the texture i got is correct.
i also tried grilling a paddle per diana kennedy's instructions, but it came out limp and soft and i didn't know if this is how it is supposed to be.

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  1. I don't know about Lynnwood, but if you don't mind driving a little distance, you'll find nopales in many of the menu items at Senor Moose in Ballard.

    Their breakfasts are especially worthwhile.

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      oh man, thank you! i have never seen a menu that listed all the different regions of the dishes. the infor about the restaurant is very interesting expecially how the owner developed the recipes. senor moose? i would never have stopped in there.
      i hate driving into and about seattle, but i think i am going to have to check out this place.

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        Guanaco's Tacos in the U District also has pupusas and tacos with nopales.

      2. In this area we have two kinds of Mexican restaurants - 'family' ones with blankets of orange goo and margaritas, and taquerias (and a few trucks). Nopales are unlikely to be on either type of menu. Two that qualify as fancier taquerias, The Guaymas in Shoreline and Carta de Oaxaca in Balard don't have them on their menu (via Urban Spoon).

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        1. re: paulj

          thanks paul. it's looking pretty bleak around here in our neck of the woods. i may have to head down to ballard one of these days.

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            Fortunately, in addition to the benighted "family mexican restaurants" and gutsy taquerias and trucks, we also have a few restaurants that specialize in regional cusines, and which serve nopal. In addition to Senor Moose, El Quetzal in Beacon Hill, focusing on D.F. street cuisine, has nopal dishes.