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Feb 24, 2013 09:56 AM

Charleston > Easter Brunch

I will be in Charleston for Easter brunch and was wondering which one will be the both good for food and overall experience: Magnolia's, The Grocery, Hominy Grille, or perhaps somewhere else/new? (I do have reservations for Husk, The Macintosh, O-Ku for dinner)
I ate @ The Grocery for dinner on my last visit and loved it!

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  1. Any of those would be nice, but you may want to check and make sure they are open. You might want to see if Hall's is having gospel brunch that day. I have not been, and don't usually recommend places I don't frequent, but the menu looks good. Friends that I trust like it.

    1. Make your decision and call early for reservations.

      1. Overall experience, Hall's IMO, would be a great choice. I have not had the pleasure of a visit on Easter Sunday, can only give my recommendation based on a few "normal" Sunday gospel brunchs (and dinners) and WITHOUT hesitation would highly recommend.
        It's fabulous.
        Reserve early!