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Feb 24, 2013 09:29 AM

Le Creuset vs. Le Cuistot [moved from Toronto board]

I'm torn between coughing up the money for a Le Creuset or saving on Le Cuistot.

I scored what appears to be a near flawless seconds 5.3 litre round dutch oven for $200 at Home Sense last night, but once I got it home, I realized I probably need something larger and oval so it has more versatility.

Best price I've found for a 6.3 litre oval is $280. Same size Le Cuistot's are about $120 at Kitchen Stuff Plus. Is the $160 difference worth it?

Opinions appreciated.

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  1. We own a couple of item by Creuset and Staub and I have no complaints with either. They are beautiful pieces and tend to get used for dinner parties more than anything else. The brand I've been very happy with whose items take more of a beating is All-clad. I've never used Le Cuistot.

    1. Possible that Costco still has a large-ish French-made enameled cast-iron oval "French oven" in stock. Nicely made and IIRC about 80-ish. Equal to LC or Staub, quality-wise.

      1. I just bought a Le Cuistot wok after looking at reviews.I also own a Le Creuset cast iron braiser I've been using for about 5 months,and love it.As a novice in the kitchen,I am trying to buy the tools to help me improve.In my opinion,Le Cuistot's a good cast iron bet,can't see it under performing. To start my cast iron journey,I bought non enameled Lodge, and really liked how it maintained heat,browned stuff.I'd buy the enameled Lodge if it was available in the style,and color I liked.A criteria I require before buying,life time warranty,and these brands all offer a conditional lifetime warranty. Have used the Le Creuset warranty once.After they inspected my item, they honored it .
        For more information about Le Cuistot :
        Check this place out for Le Creuset or Le Cuistot: