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Feb 24, 2013 09:05 AM

R'evolution, not just the name is subpar

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  1. Seems Rene had fun with that. Makes me wonder if the experience expected was so divergent from what the place _planned_ (whether executed well or not) that he was thrown off his feed,although some of the mis-steps are distressing. I have still not been yet but this is the second time I have heard of a turtle soup that tasted more like chili. The other one I actually ordered from a "name chef" not in New Orleans without realizing what I was in for. Two tastes were enough. Bottom of bowl the stuff had become boring in its efforts to be different. Forewarned is forearmed. When i go I will let someone else (warned) try the turtle and I'll have a taste.

    Reminds me of the time I saw an oyster 3-3-3 combo: Rockefeller, Bienville, and the "Huitres Maison" which was KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce with some hot sauce and Lea & Perrin added. Awful.

    1. I wish that I had the eloquence of Rene. My experience was frightfully similar. We were so looking forward to this meal, and were so let down by awkward service and food that missed the mark many times. Hopefully they improve in the future, but the restaurant really felt soulless (we were there this past November).

      1. I don't pay much attention to local food blogs but I did read that post. It's a crap review in my opinion. Not that he didn't have a bad experience. I just think a review like that has to come with loads of qualifications: I went for lunch; I've only been there once; it could've been an off day, etc. It's unfair to rip a place and say you won't go back after one time. That's just stupid, immature even. I've had subpar to bad experiences at EVERY restaurant I've eaten at in this city. Go back four or five times for various meals, then write a review. Only then can you start to get a sense of a place.

        I went to revolution four times (all for dinner) last year and even though some dishes were better than others, overall they were the four best meals I ate in nola in 2012. Based on those meals, I've concluded it's the best high end restaurant in town. Better than Stella, August, Patois, Coquette, etc. The service does not match the caliber of the food, but sadly that's the case for most places these days. My theory is there's simply not enough good staff to go around with the recent explosion of restaurants.

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          I agree completely. I've had dinner there. Everything we ordered (and we pulled out all the stops) was great. The wine list is spectacular. The interior design is amazing. Our service was attentive and always timely, although it felt a little regimented and the staff seemed a bit tense...but that was a minor quibble in an overall very memorable dining experience. I would (and shall) eagerly return.

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            agreed as well. we've been several times for dinner, via the bar and the dining rooms, and the food was very good. some more so than others, of course. loved their steaks and potted meats, and appetizers. really enjoyed the pastas when dining solo at the bar. the service hasnt been up to par like at August or Stella, so some criticism there is warranted.

            the original bar staff was amazing but sadly theyve lost them all already due to a disagreement about the way tips were fact, Rene at Blackened Out complained about one of these items -- that he couldnt transfer his bar tab. one reason they do this is so the bartenders can earn the tips they serve, since they dont get them from the tables; so they were telling me, anyhow.

          2. Well, we dined there very early on, so I chalked much of what we experienced with the "newness" of the restaurant.

            While the service staff tried, it was obvious that they had not gotten it down. Pouring water, with the napkin under the pitcher, and not between the glass and the patron, needs to be learned.

            The wine service was in its infancy, but they were trying. Again, they just did not have any of it down - yet.

            The food ran the gamut from mediocre (the turtle soup, for instance), to better (the beignets OK). Nothing really jumped out at us - but that WAS early after their hard opening.

            Sounds like things have not really improved all that much.

            I hope to give them another go at it, with a year under their belts, and attempt to keep an open mind, forgetting the rough start at the beginning.