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Feb 24, 2013 08:34 AM

French Pastry Wedding Favors - Ideas?

Hi Everyone - I'm thinking of doing some kind of french pastry as the favor at my wedding. We got engaged in France, the wedding is in a Chateau, so I think it's fitting to do a french inspired favor. I'm leaning towards a macaron from Laduree - they have the nice packaging (the boxes) .. or I cam across this madeleine when searching online for favors:

(the one with the bride and groom design) Any thoughts? Other suggestions? We're in the US (NYC) so feel free to share if you have ideas!


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  1. the French give small boxes of Jordan almonds (if not small boxes, tulle circles tied with ribbons and silk flowers)

    You can see some here:

    (it's all in French, but the pictures say it all...)