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Feb 24, 2013 08:27 AM

Asian Legend on Dundas

Has anyone been there recently and has some recommendations. I don't have a choice to go elsewhere and have to select from their menu. As I recall you could walk across the floor in the washroom without your feet sticking so its is a cut above some others from that point of view.

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  1. We went a couple of nights ago. It hasn't changed at all. We ordered the soup and pork filled dumplings, the sliced beef in green onion pancakes, bok choy with garlic, and sauteed beef with green onions. The two of us walked away full, happy, with enough leftovers for our lunch, and paid about $45 minus tip. I also had one beer and plain rice. We occasionally go back for essentially the same items. we also like the pork pot stickers and the moo shu pork. Maybe there is better out there, maybe you need a car, all I know is we had a good time. The place is busy and runs, more or less, like a well oiled machine. Not really a dining destination, just simple food.

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      Thanks Dubchild. I'll be there in a few hours and the sauteed beef with green onions looks good to me. I have a car. What I don't have is the freedom to point it where I may want to go.

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        Well all went as wanted. Food was very good and the servers polite. I still prefer Congee Queen but I have several friends who live in the city core and are without cars to get to Lawrence and the Donway West.