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Feb 24, 2013 06:43 AM

Yummy Market (Maple/Richmond Hill area)

Anyone been to the 2nd Yummy Market location? It's at Dufferin and Major Mackenzie (used to be a Metro, so its a big store). Drove by yesterday but already had a car load of perogies, meats and cheeses from shopping in Mississauga. How does it compare with their Finch/Dufferin location?

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  1. The store is great

    Ultra clean, bright and beautifully renovated

    A food lover's dreamscape

    Expansive cheese section (many types of fresh cream cheeses and fetas)

    Instore bakery

    Good looking produce

    Fresh Meat & Fish

    Huge smoked fish section

    Pusateri-ish appetizers and antipasti

    Many more highlights await