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Feb 24, 2013 05:18 AM

REVIEW: The Blazer Pub in Purdys - Thumbs up!

Had a late dinner with a friend at The Blazer Pub in Purdys last night. My first time, so I may echo what others have said.

This place reminds me of a real-life "Cheers." Food is very good and service is so friendly and warm, by the end of the night you feel like part of the family, where everyone knows your name.

Decorwise, I would call it Family Dive. So wear your jeans and enjoy the hockey game from the horseshoe-shaped bar. Or you can snag a vinyl-clothed table where you can chat, have a good time, and won't be rushed.

For dinner, we both chose to start with a cup of the house specialty soup - Tomato with Bacon. At first glance, it looked rather dull and orange. But the flavor was rich, and the creamy base was filled with chunks of bacon and tomato. Nice way to start.

Our server, upon checking with us to see how things were (thank you, I appreciate when a server doesn't just toss the food and disappear), saw that we were enjoying our soup so came back with sample cups of the pub's Clam Chowder for us to try. When did that last happen to me at a restaurant...? Never.

The Blazer is famous for its burgers, and it's clear why. Hand-formed, juicy, simply adorned - what a burger should be. My friend got it with cheese, and a side of crispy bacon. Perfect.

He also ordered a "small" order of fries. Ha! He got a mountain of hand-cut beautifully golden brown potato logs. Great pub grub - craveworthy.

I had a BLT on wheat, with butter instead of mayo. Large portion of crispy bacon. Perfectly hit the spot. Enough so I took half of it home.

A whiskey and glass of wine finished off a nice meal.

In addition to good food, what kicked this experience up a notch was the very friendly waitstaff, that was not the least bit obtrusive yet was there when you needed them and truly aimed to please. Not only offering us chowder, but also pulling out a Metro North train schedule to help us figure out travel logistics.

Nice spot, I'll be back!


1. BLT
2. Cheeseburger
3. Mountain O'Fries
4. Tomato Bacon Soup, yes this is a bad picture, just get it.

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    1. Thank you for the review TrishUntrapped, it reminded me that I have blazer photo's I never posted...somewhere. In addition you reminded me of how much better their food is than most average buger places.

      If you are a fan of ham, I recommend sampling blazer's, either via a chef salad or sandwich next time you are there. They use a high quality country ham from Virginina with a very unique and delicious flavor.

      1. Nice review,although personally I'm not a fan of their burgers, but many are. I did find out recently that their "secret" is a big old pat of butter in the middle of the burger.

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        1. re: wincountrygirl

          i do enjoy their burgers but butter added to burger Holy cholestrol

          1. re: scarsdale1234

            No butter in any of our Blazer burgers!!

            1. re: edodbb

              You know, I wanted to say that I would take anything Westchester mag/Journal News said with a grain of salt. They printed incorrect info about the preparation of and ingredients in, a very popular pizza in Westchester.

              1. re: chowdom

                I totally should have known better!! I never believe them so why should I start now!!! Thanks for clarifying, edodbb!!

              2. re: edodbb

                Edodbb, thanks for clarifying that up!

                I don't want to start another rumor, but I suspect there is quite a bit of cream in that Tomato Bacon soup.

              1. re: TrishUntrapped

                Yes, I think I read it in, of all places, Westchester magazine when then did an article on hamburgers in Westchester. And it's actually a problem - my husband has a dairy allergy. Fortunately, I guess there was not enough in there to effect him. I'm just not a fan of those big, round burgers. I prefer flatter and flame grilled.

              2. re: wincountrygirl

                The Blazer Pub doesn't use butter in their burgers. They are delicious all on their own!
                I love the Tomato Bisque Soup-it's my all time favorite.

              3. their wings are awesome too!

                1. The original comment has been removed