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Feb 24, 2013 02:54 AM

Caution about unreliability of old Chowhound Bologna threads -- 2013

I've put in links below to previous Chownhound threads dating back to 2011 (authored by me!) that have been superseded by subsequent discussion on Chowhound and should be not be used as a guide to current eating in Bologna, even if you are given them by others in response to your queries.

If you are looking for up-to-date restaurant recommendations for Bologna, I recommend you buy the current copy of Osterie d'Italia when you arrive in Italy. If you don't find it before arriving in Bologna, you can buy it in Bologna at Feltrinelli's International Bookstore, which is not the Feltrinelli's opposite the Due Torri, but the Feltrinelli's just 2 minutes down the via Zamboni.

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  1. how many new restaurants are listed for Bologna in the latest Osteria guide? Historically they listed the same set of places year after year - are there some new ones this year?

    Have you had some recent bad experiences?

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    1. re: jen kalb

      No new ones in the Osteria. Da Gianni went out of the guide.

      1. re: allende

        so does that mean Osteria Bottega, Serghei,, Giampi e Ciccio, Meloncello and Gigina are the current Slowfood list?

        I seem to remember some complaints about Meloncello by disappointed visitors.

        1. re: jen kalb

          All are still in The Osterie d'Italia.

    2. Typically, it would be far more practical to post a note to each of those two threads pointing out the parts that you feel are out of date or simply stating what you have here. That's the only way that a reader of those discussions will be sure to be informed. Otherwise it's hit or miss whether someone will find your disclaimer in this separate thread. Just a suggestion.

      1. Honestly, I thnk this is silly. Of course some of your reports on this thread are as much as 18 months old. Any sentient adult reader should weigh that fact in looking at them. But many people will consider a comprehensive report by a knowlegeable and discerning chowhound poster as more useful potentially to them than the altenative 100 tripadvisor reports, although they need to do some research to assure the restaurant is still open, chef not changed etc.

        Also, people add onto these threads. Your reports are what they are . It you were saying that you were on drugs when you wrote the reports that would be another matter.(smile)

        It would be nice if many more people visiting this site had the amount of time you had to visit a significant number of the restaurants in Bologna that are frequently recommended. But few do. So until we have more posters and reports, this is still info that is worth evaluating, along with other info that a reader may find in updating..