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Apr 12, 2006 02:21 AM

Pho novice........any good Pho in Sacto area?

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As the title implies, I am new to Pho. Never tried it. I see Pho restaurants popping up all over town but would rather drag my very "meat and potatoes" husband to one of the best Pho restaurants around than risk causing him a lifetime aversion to it. We are in the Folsom area, but would travel to Rancho Cordova, Roseville, etc. for great Pho. Any recommendations?

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  1. You're in folsom? If so the owners of pho bac hoa viet just opened up a folsom location, making that the #10 restaurant for them in northern cal. They're at 602 East Bidwell and their phone# is (916)817-8588. I've been going to their broadway branch for years and love it.

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      peter Johnson

      I realize that this is out of your way - I find the best Pho in Sacramento is at Saigon on Stockton Blvd. It's just north of Fruitridge. Try the meatball with raw steak on ther side. I love it. Of course one puts the steak in the soup when it arrives at your table. It will cook in the broth.
      Enjoy if you get there.

    2. Haven't eaten there in a couple of years, but Henry Nguyen on Howe near that big mall used to be pretty good. Sacramento Chowhounders, is it still any good?

      Henry Nguyen Restaurant
      1537 Howe Ave # 220, Sacramento, CA
      (916) 927-1014

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        I find that many meat-and-potatoes types like the #12 (Tai Pho) at Pho Bac Hoa Viet on Broadway. I also recommend the fried egg rolls and jackfruit shake--my usual there.

      2. Hello All,

        I wanted to revive this thread to get a status on Pho restaurants in Sacramento. I always get a craving for the soup in the Winter because it is probably the ultimate comfort food on a stormy winter day or after a day snowboarding.

        The only two places I've been are: Saigon on Fruitridge/Stockton and Pho Bac Hoa Viet in Davis. I was wondering if anyone has tips/reviews of other delicious Pho restaurants and the locations. I live in the midtown/east Sacramento area by Folsom Blvd so any locations within say 10 miles would be great!

        Thanks in Advance!

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          This isn't exactly in the Sacramento area, but last week my family went to the Pho Bac Hoa Viet in Stockton, and noticed that they had new menus (same food, but updated design w/ some color photos) and new staff, too. It made us wonder if they'd broken away from the rest of the chain. The food was several notches below what it used to be, too. The pho broth wasn't very flavorful, the portions were small, and the spring rolls (the ones wrapped in rice paper) were very bland. The service there has never been very attentive, but we accepted it because the food was always consistently good. Now, tho...well, we may not be back for a long time, because Pho 888 (East Hammer Lane near the auto center) is quite good, with better service.

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            When driving thorugh Stockton on I-5, we like Lucky Pho on El Dorado just off Hammer. Fast, flavorful, and busy always. The best pho I've had. Aunty in the kitchen.

            (off topic, but just found good pho in Santa Maria just off 101 at Saeng's Kitchen between RiteAid and Big5 in the Town Center West Mall on near Broadway and Main.)

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            I would say the Pho Bac Hoa Viet outlets on Bradshaw
            and on Broadway in Sac are better than the one in Davis.

          3. Not only, IMHO, is Hoa Viet the best, with the most restaurants, it's also the easiest to have at home. They have a factory which makes and cans the broth. You can buy it in almost any good Oriental grocery store. Then, when you get the urge at 3:00 am.......................YUM!!!! GarlicGinger

            1. I think I might go get my first big bowl of the season this weekend with the approaching/forecasted storm. I am going to try the Hoa Viet on Broadway and will report back if I end up going.