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Feb 23, 2013 09:32 PM

Hight protein snacks?

I usually have full fat or low fat yogurt with different fruits for a dessert to my lunch entree, or a snack at work, but am sick if this. What's something to replace yogurt?

Nothing seems as filling as yogurt, I'm assuming it's the protein that my other snack of choice, homemade muffins, don't have.

Thank you in advance.

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    1. cheese and crackers
      nut butters with crackers or fruit
      hummus with veggie or crackers/chips
      hard boiled eggs/deviled eggs
      a veggie packed salad topped with grilled chicken or other meat/protein
      peanut buter and banana rollup
      beef/turkey jerky
      plain old peanut butter sandwich, jelly optional
      smoked salmon, cream cheese on bread/bagel of your choice
      roasted garbanzo beans
      a handful of almonds

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      1. re: foodieX2

        Foodiex2 has a great list going. My go-tos also include:

        - Cottage cheese with nut butter
        - Cottage cheese with a larabar
        - Hard boiled eggs, string cheese, nuts
        - Tuna or chicken salad, wrapped in butter lettuce leaves
        - Edamame with s&p or Cajun seasoning or curry powder or whatever floats your boat
        - Newman's own high protein pretzels with nut butter
        - Black bean dip/hummus with veggies
        - Fruit or veg and cheese (apples and cheddar, pears and Brie, celery with honey goat cheese, caprese salad, etc)
        - if you're not opposed to supplements, protein shake made with optimum nutrition gold standard whey protein powder and unsweetened almond milk (not water!) and fruit (optional)
        - cheese and chicken or black bean quesadilla with avocado (la tortilla factory makes whole grain, high protein/fiber tortillas, available at Costco)
        - Avocado halves sprinkled with sea salt and drizzled with honey
        - Dark chocolate and nuts

        I guess my list is pretty high fat (especially the last two suggestions) but fat also aids in satiety.

      2. My fav is cottage cheese w/s and p and tomatoes. Or if you like fruit it goes well with it too.

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        1. re: itsmejessica

          My fave too! Also, low fat organic string cheese or shelled edamame.

          1. re: JTilCT

            I could eat cottage cheese and tomatoes every day. And have for weeks at a time.

        2. -Cottage cheese and fresh fruit & some nuts
          -nut butter and banana or apple
          -Bare Naked protein granola on my yogurt or cottage cheese
          -spiced mixed nuts
          -I eat a lot of hard-boiled eggs w/ vinaigrette and s&p
          -roll-ups of ham or turkey & swiss
          -protein bars like Power Crunch

          1. Chicken drumsticks. I can often get a pack of five for two bucks or so. I roast them with salt and pepper on a night when I have time and find 'em to be a great breakfast or snack fix. Hot sauce is, of course, optional.