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Feb 23, 2013 07:18 PM

Glasgow in May

First time in Scotland, we will be in Glasgow for seven days- our hotel is on the west end but all and any suggestions would be lovely. We are only two traveling, we love the culinary arts which includes outdoor market's, gourmet stores, fine dining, pubs and afternoon tea. Many thanks!

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  1. My very longstanding recc for Glasgow is the Ubiquitous Chip.

    1. Cafe Gandolfi
      2 fat ladies - only been to west end and blythswood square
      mother india cafe
      biere halle for good beer selection and pizza
      the sisters in kelvingrove or jordanhill - only been to jordanhill one but im sure they are both good
      Tinderbox for coffee and cake original location in W End but I think I prefer the one in the merchant city
      Jellyhill cafe in Hyndland - not far from W End
      Where the monkey sleeps for coffee and lunch - hipster but good
      Artisan Roast - not been to the one in Glasgow, but if the Edinburgh ones are anyting to go by then coffee is excellent
      Avenue G cafe
      Heart Buchanan

      Hope this helps

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        Was at Crabshakk on Friday and not wowed. And the crab was a bit iffy. My sea bass with sag aloo off the specials was nice enough though.

        Tried Balbirs by the University. Good if you order carefully. The Halibut Xacuti was fiery and fragrant.

        Surprise hit was the Hanoi Bike Shop off Byres Road. Vietnamese cafe. Great banh mi, pho, banh xeo, beef in betel leaves, summer rolls.

        Have been to Ubiquitous Chip on previous visits and can echo Harters' rec.

        1. re: helen b

          Ooo interesting - I had a good experience there - but did not try the crab... my only grip was that it was a bit food-smelly.

          Balbirs can be good - I have had some great dishes there, but equally some not so great - I haven't been for ages though. Must add that to my retry list!

          Have you been to Fanny Trollope's I was going to recommend, but last time I was there was a LONG time ago so didn't want to give a bumsteer!

      2. My wife and I spent the weekend in Glasgow in January. We tried Crabshakk at the recommendation of others on the board and were, on balance, impressed. It's a tightly-packed space on a Saturday night, and the service suffers accordingly, but the simple seafood dishes we both order were very high quality.

        I ate twice at the ubiquitous chip, which really was ubiquitous during my visit. I had the cheaper set menu both times and... not blown away, I guess. Nothing below good, nothing more than very good. I don't think I'd go back, but obviously you could do a lot worse.

        We had cocktails and snacks - Oyster, chips - at the Finnieston, just opposite Crabshakk, and everything was pretty great. Were I going back I'd try a meal there.

        1. I'd add La Valle Blanche and Fanny Trollopes to other local suggestions. Afternoon tea at the Btterfly and Pig is rather nice too and the attached pub is decent.

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            Glad Fanny Trollope's is till good - I must go back again.

            1. re: alisonk


              there is a famers market in Patrick just off Dumbarton road every 2nd and 4th Saturday, it's a good way to have a late breakfast and stock up on locally produced goodies.
              There are some good delis in the West end. Just up from the farmers market is Delizique where you can also sit in and eat, on Byres road is Kember and Jones and Goerge Mewes for cheese
              On Great Western Road is Lupe Pintos and Ian Mellis also for cheese
              Piece on Argyll st near Charing cross end does the best sandwiches, bread baked on premises.
              Asia style great for Malaysian
              I like mother India cafe for small plates and the Banana leaf which has two locations is good for South Indian
              going to Central Market in Merchant City tomorrow so will let you know how it is.
              The bar at the Blythwood Hotel has the best cocktail list, on par with some places in London worship st, calloh Callay etc

          2. You must try some Indian - Glasgow's restaurants among the best in the country. Banana Leaf near Kelvingrove Museum does outstanding south Indian food in completely no-frills surroundings for ridiculously low prices. Mother India's Café is also great, for more upmarket (but still casual and fun) surroundings.

            Get a drink in and nibbles, too, if you have time, at Stravaigin on Gibson Street- perfect and representative West End (the bohemian, university district) atmosphere, great drinks and lovely bar.