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Feb 23, 2013 05:47 PM

andouille sausage dtw

Where can i get some tomorrow? making gumbo

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  1. Hi Gan, May I ask, "Within X miles of what DTW neighborhood?"
    Frankly, on a Sunday, short notice, I'd probably just recommend Nino Salvaggo's. If you get stuck with Bruce Aidel's brand you may even be able to get that at Costco, if that's closer.

    1. Perhaps ... Keego specialty sausage? Or; Nitsche's (Clinton Township)

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      1. re: rainsux

        Keego is especially proud of his and they are open 10-6 on Sunday. I found it a bit looser than many others but it is definitly freshly made.

      2. Hiller's Markets carries Dearborn Sausage brand andouille.

        I also used to buy andouille sausage at Papa Joe's in Birmingham, though I haven't been there in quite a while.

        And of course, in a pinch you could always substitute Polish sausage.