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Feb 23, 2013 05:26 PM

Flour frosting questions

so i decided to make a flour frosting inspired by a former CH thread and this recipe

i whipped my butter and superfine sugar until very light then added the flour milk mixture. i'm fine with the results but still feel there's bits of graininess from the sugar.

why can't i use powdered sugar for this? anyone?

Has anyone made a variation to this recipe? it seems the recipe above in the link is pretty standard.

i also added more vanilla and a pinch of salt to bring out the flavor.

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  1. Did you use a mixer or do it by hand?

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    1. How long did you beat it? I use my KA, and beat the frosting for 13 minutes. It's never grainy- it's almost marshmallowy, it's so soft.

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        I agree with JM~
        this frosting needs in my opinion a long whipping time-I use my KA and it's almost silkie

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          i had the KA beat it for about 10 minutes. maybe even longer. i stopped it intermittently to scrape down the sides to see if it got any less grainy. i just tasted it. not bad but still slightly grainy. i just pulled up an old thread and apparently, Roxlet has melted the sugar in the milk/flour combo to make it extra smooth.

          there's no way i can overbeat the frosting, right?

        2. why can't i use powdered sugar for this? anyone?


          Powdered sugar is typically used for frosting because it contains cornstarch which helps stiffen the frosting.

          With a flour frosting you don't need cornstarch as a thickening agent because you have flour.

          1. I've never had graininess with the Cooks Country versions. I did with with the CAH.

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            1. re: Becca Porter

              What is the difference between the two versions?

            2. This may not apply to where you live, but I find that in winter I have to pop the butter-sugar mixture into a slightly-warmed-but-turned-off oven for a minute or two or my sugar will never, never, ever, stop being a little grainy. Not to the point of any kind of melt, just to warm everything up to what, in the rest of the world, would be room temperature. It's just very cold in here.