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Feb 23, 2013 05:00 PM

Need suggestions--appetizer or finger foods--Irish, or just green!

I admit it: call me a show-off, but I *like* going to potlucks and having everybody go on about my dish as one of the best ones there! And I've developed a bit of a reputation for that at this one monthly group I attend. So now, I need some help upholding it.

The next meeting is in mid-March, and the theme something Irish, or just green. I am stumped. It doesn't have to be really traditional, authentic, old-school Irish, and kitschy is fine. It needs to be finger food, or easy to eat with plastic utensils. I can't cook it there, so it has to travel well. I like to do savory dishes, because a lot of people tend to bring desserts and we often end up with too many of those (although I did a King Cake in February, so that's not a firm rule). I'm not working, and I have plenty of time to cook, so a lengthy prep isn't much of a problem.

I found a cheddar and Guinness dip recipe, but it's too easy to be very interesting. Irish eggrolls with corned beef and cabbage sound good, but they're deep fried, so they'd be cold and greasy by the time I got them there. Beyond that, most every other recipe I've found won't work for one reason or another. I'm just drawing a blank.

Suggestions, please...?

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  1. Similar to the eggrolls, but wrap them in bread dough and bake (like crescent roll dough or phyllo, or home made bread dough).

    corned beef dip

    bubble and squeak pasties (similar to my first suggestion)

    use lettuce to wrap the various fillings based on traditional corned beef /cabbage theme

    green pasta salad (using spinach pasta)

    green pancakes/blinis with salmon

    fresh pea dip, bright green

    1. Hmmm, that's a tough holiday to show off food! Unlike Valentine's Day or most others, unless you're talking veggies or food just isn't that appealing.

      How about cutting some nice rye I to shamrock shapes and making corned beef "sliders?"

      Avocados are green. Kiwi...I bet you get lots of great ideas!

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        Stuffed green olives? Tiny stuffed green peppers or pepperoncini?

      2. Watergate Salad.

        j/k don't do that.

        I like ItalianNana's idea of doing corned beef sliders.

        1. as another poster said- reuben dip (corn beef dip)

          homebaked bread stuffed with swiss and corn beef.

          You could also do mini reubens using cocktail rye.

          Bring a big pot of either potato soup or irish stew. Easy to eat out of small cups.

          A spiked cheese fondue with irish soda bead for dipping.

          Colcannon or even Champ can be made more smooth and used as a dip.

          Of course if you really want to stoop you can color almost anything with green food dye. Green sour cream and onion dip. You can make green bread and use it for a myriad of things. I have seen green hard boiled eggs used for deviled eggs. Green Goddess dressing on a salad.

          Shrimp cocktail served with salsa verde for dipping.

          There are quite a few appetizing green foods, though many are not associated with St Paddy's day. If you can get past that you might find a more palatable offerings.

          1. This probably wouldn't be enough, but it could be one of two dishes......kale chips. They are yummy and can be made ahead.