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Feb 23, 2013 04:09 PM

Sushi Pizza in YYC?

I realize there are tons of threads regarding sushi, but my question to 'hounders is regarding Sushi Pizza specifically. Any suggestions in YYC?

The first place I encountered this dish was at the Vanilla Pod in Peachland BC (joy!), and then again at Ajisai in Panorama Hills (yum!). On a quest, I learnt that Sushi Boat in Crowfoot offered this dish and made a special trip. IMO: horrible.

The Vanilla Pod served their version on round, individually shaped rice patties that were lightly fried and topped with either salmon or tuna; garnish eludes me. Ajisai fries their rice patty as one large round, then cuts it into quarters to add a crab mixture topped with salmon or tuna and garnished with a wasabi sauce and balsamic reduction. Sushi Boat however chose to firmly deep fry nigiri sized portions of rice and top with one piece of salmon or tuna, your choice, no embellishments. Rice was crunchy hard.

Any suggestions where in YYC I might seek out another's version? I would rather avoid 17th (parking nightmare), but if it's worth it, I'm in!

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    1. re: piano boy

      Yes but that is an ancient discussion and many of those places are closed now.

      AMAZING sushi pizza and sushi in general at Red Ember! My favourite sushi in Calgary these days. 14th St and 5th Ave NW, across the street and a little north of Globefish.

      1. re: plateofshrimp

        Many thanks plateofshrimp, I sincerely appreciate the suggestion and will seek out Red Ember pronto!