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Feb 23, 2013 03:52 PM

nice range of veggi dishes in regular restaurants

Hello, lately because of health issues i can eat only vegetables and fish - no meat and chicken.
Finding more than one veggi dish in regular restaurants is really a challenge. I find myslf going with the family to restaurants and my mood is - i'm the one who will eat..whatever..
very dipressing..
Can you please kindly recommend some nice places , regular not vegeterian retaurants, with nice options of veggi dishes - in La also in Orange county if you please.

thank you so much - Tal

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  1. I like the selection of veggie dishes at Tavern in Brentwood.
    Also, Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica has great veggie options.

    1. gjelina

      stella rosa pizza

      coni'seafood (authentic mexican seafood in a mom 'n 'pop type of establishment. doesn't really qualify as "nice", also there is practically no meat served there, so don't know how your carnivore friends would react to that.

      fig in the fairmont miramar (they will validate parking at the hotel)

      sushi bars for your fish-eating days: k-zo for normal pricing (they also serve some vegetable dishes for you), omakase-only at sushi zo (if you can have rice).

      thai: ayara thai cuisine in westchester near LAX

      chinese-inspired, not "nice" but has options: Mao's Kitchen in venice ( recommend the dish they call "Mao's Hometown")

      milo and olive in santa monica/west la (all seating is communal, though)

      lukshon has a couple of fish dishes i like.

      for persian: shamshiri grill has a whole section of their menu for vegetarian entrees, in addition practically all their starters are vegetarian. be aware that their stuffed grape leaf dish is not stuffed with oily rice, like in most places, but is stuffed with a flavorful lentil filling. this is one of the most vegetarian-friendly restaurants in town).

      not "nice" but the build-your-own burger chain, The Counter serves a great home-made veggie burger and you can choose from a wide variety of good-quality toppings.

      a "nicer" restaurant that serves a great home-made veggie burger is the chain HOUSTON'S

      also, if you can be happy with the very best salad bar i've found in this town (it includes fish and cheese) and if your friends can be happy with inordinate amounts of beef, FOGO DE CHAO on la cienega.

      i'm sure i'll think of some more after i can no longer edit this post.

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      1. re: westsidegal

        oh thank you soooo much ! great ideas !
        please tell me if you have any recommendations in Orange County also?

        much obliged !! tal

        1. re: taltal

          +1 Gjelina

          In Orange County:

          Marche Moderne
          Pizzeria Ortica
          Pizzeria Mozza
          Kasen- pure sushi
          Fukada- Japanese soba and udon with plenty of fish options
          Kappo Honda- Japanese izakaya
          Sam Woo Irvine on Culver

      2. thank you very much we will try those !

          1. MB Post
            Tar & Roses
            Superba Snack Bar
            Pizzeria Mozza (also in Newport)
            Cafe Gratitude
            Son of a Gun
            shojin (vegetarian sushi downtown LA and Culver City in March 2013)
            Seasons 52 (also in Costa Mesa)
            True Food Kitchen (also in Newport)
            Scarpetta always offers a special vegetarian menu in addition to their regular menu and Providence will do a special vegetarian tasting menu at your request.

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            1. re: wienermobile

              i LOVE LOVE LOVE cafe gratitude, but didn't mention it because OP said:
              <<regular not vegeterian retaurants, with nice options of veggi dishes>>
              cafe gratitude is, IMHO, the very best vegetarian/vegan restaurant on the westside.