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Feb 23, 2013 03:43 PM

Pholourie/caribbean food in Newton,Surrey

HI, I miss pholourie from caribbean/west indian roti shops in Toronto, I live at 72nd and King George in Surrey...where can i go to find those bite sized fried doughy snacks? They are heaven! Alternately, whats the best brand of polourie mix? i never made it before, but wouldnt mind trying. thanks everyone! Also, I like aloo pies (another fritter with a flavoured mashed potato-like filling) and curry goat, would love to have some guyanese/trini style food,im homesick for it.

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  1. Over the bridge to New West and up the hill to D Roti Shak.

    Nearby by is

    1. While not caribbean but Bolivan, you should check out Pachamamas on the corner of King George and 80th. Very good food and friendly owners, they also have live entertainment occassionally . Sorry haven't got the link but they do have a facebook page, too early in the morn for me.

      1. They have pholourie on the menu at Rehanah's Roti in Port Moody. I haven't tried them there - but the rest of her food that I have tried is VERY good - including the goat curry. Here it is in her roti with a side of ginger beer.

        Location: 2518 St Johns St in Port Moody