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Feb 23, 2013 03:43 PM

Pholourie/caribbean food in Newton,Surrey

HI, I miss pholourie from caribbean/west indian roti shops in Toronto, I live at 72nd and King George in Surrey...where can i go to find those bite sized fried doughy snacks? They are heaven! Alternately, whats the best brand of polourie mix? i never made it before, but wouldnt mind trying. thanks everyone! Also, I like aloo pies (another fritter with a flavoured mashed potato-like filling) and curry goat, would love to have some guyanese/trini style food,im homesick for it.

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  1. Over the bridge to New West and up the hill to D Roti Shak.


    Nearby by is http://www.caribbeanmarket.ca/

    1. While not caribbean but Bolivan, you should check out Pachamamas on the corner of King George and 80th. Very good food and friendly owners, they also have live entertainment occassionally . Sorry haven't got the link but they do have a facebook page, too early in the morn for me.

      1. They have pholourie on the menu at Rehanah's Roti in Port Moody. I haven't tried them there - but the rest of her food that I have tried is VERY good - including the goat curry. Here it is in her roti with a side of ginger beer.

        Location: 2518 St Johns St in Port Moody