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Feb 23, 2013 03:33 PM

PeiWei and Chipotle in West Windsor

Chipotle apparently opened earlier this month, and PeiWei will be opening soon.

In the same shopping center as Trader Joe's.

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  1. That's good to know! Been wanting to go back to PeiWei but they were too far to get to!

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    1. re: wench31

      So they're worth the trip? They've got them all over Denver but I've been wary of going...

      1. re: Heatherb

        They're ok. It's a better option than the chains we have around here. It's a cheaper version of PF Chang's.

        1. re: Heatherb

          I love Pei Wei which is odd because I find PF Changs to be unbearably nasty. They've got small portion meals and you can get a meal (with a drink) for under $10 which is cool with me. I like the Mandarin Kung Pao shrimp- lots of fresh veggies.

      2. it's actually a "Pei Wei Asian Market" that is opening. That is Pei Wei's new lower price point concept. sandwiches and smaller, cheaper items from the original pei wei menu. It's not a Pei Wei Asian Diner.

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        1. re: freshmanjs

          According to the Pei Wei website, the Princeton location is a Pei Wei Asian Diner. I'm not sure what the difference is since I've never been to either.

        2. Wish PeiWei would open more of its Asian Bistros (Diner) in CNJ

            1. re: wench31

              drove past today, sign in window that they are open

            2. I stopped into PeiWei in Princeton yesterday... it was open and thriving. It's a regular Pei Wei and not a sandwich place.

              Decent affordable food that comes fast... and I liked their new Coke machine... its a new smart machine where you can mix drinks and make a combination that you like (seen these only in Atlanta).

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              1. re: Yum_T

                Some Burger Kings have those Coke machines. They also have them at Great Adventure. It would take forever to mix up a "suicide" (one of every flavor). :)

                1. re: Yum_T

                  I'm sorry, but it is most definitely NOT a regular Pei Wei Asian Diner. It is their new Asian Market concept (for which they are still tinkering with the menu). It has a much more limited menu than a Pei Wei Asian diner. Examples of items they DON'T have include: Pad Thai, Ginger Broccoli, Thai Dynamite, Thai Coconut Curry, Spicy Korean, Hot and Sour Soup.

                  1. re: freshmanjs

                    Agreed, they don't have those dishes at this location (nor at Paramus), but that is more likely cause it is a smaller kitchen or newer and needs to ramped-up or they figured they would not have demand for those specific items in this location. The location is clearly identified at the store with their Asian Diner signage and on the PeiWei website.

                    It's also possible that they were afraid of cannibalizing on their original location (P F Changs) which is across the street.

                    Asian Market concept is still being developed and for now the company just has one location... in Phoenix AZ.

                    1. re: Yum_T

                      did you read the sign on the building. it says Pei Wei Asian Market clear as day.