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Jean-Talon Market & area 2013

There doesn't seem to be a 2013 thread. I'm making this one market and nearby businesses as they seem to blend in together (Jos la Croûte is technically not in the Market)...

Just wanted to point out that work is proceeding apace on Boucherie du marché, which was heavily damaged by fire a couple of weeks ago. That shop is always packed, not only for meat and poultry but also for cheeses and many fine grocery items, usually at a most reasonable cost. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Anyone get to the Mtl en Lumiere events at JTM going on this weekend? IMO Le Pain Dans Les Voiles a few blocks away blows away Joe La Croute.

    Also, they seem to be doing some renovations at the market in preparation for the summer.

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    1. re: ios94

      They are renovating the concrete structures that house the outdoor stalls. I think it is as much a safety concern as anything else. Hope the concrete is not from Mr Sidewalk...

      Le Pain dans les voiles (just one short block north of Jean-Talon, on Castelnau, and one even shorter block east of the eastern end of the market, corner Drolet), in my opinion complements Joe la croûte. They seem to have (very good) "fancier" stuff such as cheese breads, their basic baguette is a bit more expensive and most important it is a MUCH larger space. In years past, those premises were a small Italian supermarket (like a small Intermarché). They are planning a comptoir with coffee, brioches and sandwiches at least.

      Unfortunately I was at JTM yesterday, not today (Saturdays are horrible for practical shopping there); will try to get there tomorrow, though I'm working. There is a Saguenay Lac St-Jean event going on, with tastings and perhaps workshops.

      1. re: lagatta

        That's exactly how I feel about Joe la croûte and Le pain dans les voiles, both great, both different kind of bakery style so they complement each other really well. The only thing we can really compare is the baguette, and I prefer the one from Joe.

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          I'll have to give Joe's baguette another shot because the only time I tried it I found it very sub par and not fresh. Their kamut bread is very good but I've tried some of their others and they just don't do it for me as much as Voiles, Clafoutis and Bete a Pain.

          Yup figured it was some sort of structural upgrades.

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            I am VERY fond of Joe's heavy 100% rye bread (to be cut in fine slices and used for Nordic open-faced sandwichs) but you have to like that type of bread.

            Don't see how Joe's bread could not be fresh, as they run out of pretty much everything at the end of the day. But different consumers prefer different bread-making styles.

            I haven't been to Bête à pain yet, will wait until I can cycle there - it is practically due north from my place, but the 55 bus only goes to Chabanel so I'd have to take two buses...

            1. re: lagatta

              Has anyone tried their "brioches"? I think they are amazing! I've only had the regular ones but they told me they now bake some with dates, cranberries and maple. They are usually ready a little bit before lunch. Oh, and they only bake them on the weekend if I'm not mistaken.

    2. I found the Saguenay-Lac St-Jean event this weekend; it is under Montréal en Lumière (but the JTM site links to that event). There are quite a few events today: http://www.montrealenlumiere.com/gast...

      1. Atkins was selling fresh catches of Snow Crab yesterday.

        1. Anybody aware if JTM is fully open? Looking to visit this weekend from Ottawa but not sure if its worth the detour since we will be downtown.


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            It is fully open in the winter sense; the market hasn't come out of its winter quarters yet for springtime (It has been a MUCH colder spring than last year, as you know in Ottawa). Thre is plenty so see during weekends (I hosted visitors from Toronto this past Saturday), some vendors with stands outside, buskers, etc. Snow crab (yum).

            One thing to note is that there is restoration of the roofs of the concrete structures protecting farmers from the elements in summertime; I don't know if it will be fully ready for the first of May (it is usually all opened by that date).

            It is up to you whether you think it is worth your while to come up here. If you are going up to the Plateau, Mile-End or Outremont, it isn't much farther north.

            1. re: Ottfoodie

              Fully ? probably not, but there will more and more vendors outside, especially maple food-stuff and crabs and shrimps and other seafood.

              I know they are doing repair on the concrete structure, but I don't know how far it is done (I've not been there in 3 weeks).


              1. re: Maximilien

                Did anyone else notice that the signs posted outside of the construction area state that work will be completed Nov 2013. Does that mean no outdoor section on the north side this summer, I find that hard to believe.

                It was really busy last weekend, probably because of the long weekend (seemed to be a lot of out of towners) and of course the nice weather.

                Buckland cheese has boosed the price of their Tomme to $62/kg from $49, he told me they did so to control supply so they could have more stock in the winter months. Supply and demand at work. Time to raise more goats :)

                1. re: JerkPork

                  No, I didn't notice that sign. Perhaps they will arrange temporary stands where the laneways between the aisles usually are, but that would make it hard for the farmers to truck their goods in.

                  Yes, there seemed to be a lot of tourists - my friends weren't the only ones.

                  Too bad, that puts the lovely Buckland Tomme pretty much out of my range, except for a cheese plate for a special supper with friends. Yep, they need more goats!

            2. Great, thanks for the information...what about that Oyster place inside the JTM, forgot the name but I wonder if its open?

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                Aqua Mare (sp)? Yes, they were selling individual oysters to eat on the spot.

              2. First time at JTM in a while last week-end.

                Luckily that the weather was not nice, it left time for the work on the concrete structure to be concluded before the summer setup.

                It looked nice.


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                1. re: Maximilien

                  Yes, it makes the non-renovated ones look a bit shabby.

                  On Saturday, there was even a bit of hail in the morning, as I was heading back home with my croissants and sourdough baguette from Le Pain dans les voiles on Castelnau, so few vendors outside. I really hope la Boucherie du Marché gets reopened soon.

                  We went to Boucherie Al Khaïr on Jean-Talon, a Moroccan butcher shop and general Maghrebi and Middle-Eastern products grocery. That place is very clean and bright, and has quality meat and chicken. There are many customers, including Montrealers of many origins other than North African. Very good prices for lamb.

                  Hoping it warms up soon; still a bit chilly for an early-morning coffee outdoors at the market or in Little Italy cafés nearby.

                  1. re: lagatta

                    We were probably getting hailed on at the same time :) And I ALMOST stopped for croissants at the same place, only to be pulled back by SO...Would have been delicious with the fresh nordic shrimp from Atkins :)

                    Agreed on Al Khair. Good staff. They advertise "Best merguez in town"...We all know how that usually ends. But it is indeed the best meguez in town, IMHO. Both mild and spicy (not very) versions, and also the chicken sausage.

                    1. re: sir_jiffy

                      My Maghrebi friends really like that place, unlike the OTHER Maghrebi butcher shop/grocery a few metres west of there.

                      Indeed, their spicy sausage is not very spicy.

                      Atkins shrimp was lovely. A friend who was at the market with me was buying a LOT of freshly-cooked snow crab, but he was just going the errand - he was invited chez des amis who were actually picking up the - considerable - tab.

                      The croissants were really good. I don't buy them often; they are very rich...

                2. First Québec strawberries, from Monsieur Legault of course, are out and they're delicious! Bought some at Chez Louis today but Nino normally have them too.

                  1. Just wanted to announce that there is fresh local asparagus at the market - the Spanish brothers (¿Jiminez?) who sell out of the back of a small, white truck, and other vendors. I didn't make it there today - was too busy with other stuff, and the weather was unpleasant, with very high winds - but my downstairs neighbour did. The brothers are only there on weekends, but other vendors are there all or most of the week.

                    As for Al Khair, they are selling very good local, fresh goat's feta, not too salty. And their prices are good.

                    Still no sign of Boucherie du marché.

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                    1. re: lagatta

                      Yes, picked up some asparagus yesterday from Jimenez. I prefer those thin asparagus as opposed to the typical thick stalks.

                    2. Just wanted to point out that Jacques et Diane Rémillard now have a website: http://jacquesetdiane.com

                      1. An interesting write-up about Nicola Travaglini in the Gazette this morning: http://www.montrealgazette.com/life/f...

                        Of course a lot of these items are pricy - I certainly can't afford them every day - but the grissini are actually quite affordable, and guests love them, especially the olive grissini.

                        1. Just bought heirloom tomatoes from a new company called Les Tomates de Fardoche today. They're selling them at a stand selling apples (forgot to check the name) in the middle, not far from Hamel, near the guy selling herbs.

                          What my basket looked like: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.ne...


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                            Got some Fardoche tomatoes this morning , they are very good! Small basket @ 5$

                          2. The "exotic products" shop La Dépense (same owner as the spice shop) at Jean-Talon Market is closing for two weeks and will reopen as a little tearoom. What is significant here is that they will no longer carry most of their imported products, except teas, obviously, and are selling off several of them 50% off. This includes different seaweeds, Indonesian and Thai sambals and spice pastes, and many other things.

                            I was glad to pick up several bargains, but sad it will be harder to get my sambals. Marché Hawaï has some but not all of them.

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                            1. re: lagatta

                              Yeah same here. And with Camellia Sinensis on Casgrain I really don't see the necessity for that. They will probably have room to sit, which is not the case at Camellia, but still...

                              I was there yesterday and there was almost nothing anymore though. Bought everything I could at a really low price but most of the things I really use were already gone.

                              At least they will still be doing their bhajis.

                              1. re: Glaff

                                I only found out about it today, while I was shopping for tiny wild blueberries for a peach, blueberry and brandy fruit salad. (Delicious, en passant).

                                By the way, my favourite sambal, Sambal Badjak (or Badiak) is NOT reduced 50%. That is one of the strictly vegetarian ones, with no dried shrimp or crab (the ones with the green label). They had the vegetarian Brandal left, but it is very, very hot. If there is any left tomorrow I'll buy a jar: I'll "dilute" it with finely-minced, sautéed red shallots as I use it.

                                1. re: lagatta

                                  I bought that mild vegetarian one yesterday: http://www.vanka-kawat.nl/t/2/p/pdeta.... But I think I took the last one...

                                  1. re: Glaff

                                    I went back to La Dépense today - everything already reduced (red sticker) is reduced again to $1 - everything originally under 5$ / $2 - everything $5 and up). I did find a veg sambal manis and also the sambal brandal, which I will "tame" as I described (most of these pastes have a base of red shallots as well as spices). Also a (recommended) vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce, and some Japanese arame, which I love (with soba noodles) but rarely buy as it is so expensive.

                              2. re: lagatta

                                Just a quick update, I was there yesterday (Monday) and it looks like it is officially closed now.

                                1. re: ylsf

                                  Was there also, and not much to grab; got some spicy chick peas.

                              3. I was down in the market yesterday. It was super busy because of it being labour day and grocery stores being closed. I was visiting from Toronto so I didn't know the area well but since there was a HUGE line to get into the parking area I drove around a few times to find another spot. Ended up parking on the road over by the McDonalds.

                                Yesterday was probably the first time I have been in the summer in 5+ years and first time at the start of September, I was impressed but the selection of produce and Quebec grown items. I also thought that the prices were a lot more reasonable than Toronto area markets. From what I saw even Ontario grapes seemed to be cheaper than what I have found around here. The "wild" blueberries seemed to be the best deal!

                                Ended up picking up some dried sausages, apple cider, Quebec apples, had some oysters from the stand, mushrooms, eggplant, onions,etc. I also bought some beer and Camelina (sp?) oil from Marche de Saveurs. I could have spent hours there but I knew I had to eventually walk back all of my purchases to my car! If u had my choice between any market in Toronto and Jean Talon at this time of year would definitely pick JT.

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                                1. re: ylsf

                                  I'm another Ontarian who was also at Jean Talon Market yesterday. I also stopped by last Friday.

                                  As always, the presentation of the produce at JTM was beautiful. I picked up white peaches from ON (good texture, nice fragrance, but so-so flavour, and a hint of fermentation right now, when they otherwise appear to be in their prime), which I haven't found in ON this summer, despite visiting various ON farmers' markets several times a month. I found prices for some produce a little cheaper, other prices a little higher, compared to the markets where I shop in ON.

                                  My friends picked up wild blueberries, cretons, cheeses, chocolate, fresh figs, baguettes, fougasses, smoked sturgeon, salmonciutto (seemed more like smoked salmon meat to me),a buckwheat crepe, macarons and melon from other vendors at/near the market.

                                  I picked up some loukoum (rose, mint, lemon, pistachio, mastic, plain) from Le Ryad, and hope to sample their pastries on a future visit. I also tried a spicy sausage (ready to eat) from Balkani. Which items do Montreal Chowhounds recommend most at Balkani and Le Ryad, if I visit both again on my next visit?

                                2. Does anyone here remember the name of the dine in the dining room of the chef place near JT Market. You used to book online and eat a wonderful dinner with strangers.

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                                    1. re: Mr F

                                      Thanks. too bad. I thought because Tourism Montreal shot a video there ti would be immune to being shut down!

                                      Anyone know if the chef turned up in a 'legal' place yet?

                                      1. re: williej

                                        That was Francois Ellefsen, wasn't it? He opened a place called Cafe Ellefsen, which I really liked, shortly after the Hidden Kitchen (or whatever it was called) closed. The cafe unfortunately closed a few months back -no idea what he's up to these days.

                                  1. Le Canard libéré has moved to JTM: http://www.canardsdulacbrome.com/fr/n...
                                    176 Jean-Talon
                                    BOUTIQUE MONTRÉAL

                                    Marché Jean-Talon
                                    176, rue Jean-Talon est
                                    Montréal (Québec) Canada
                                    H2R 1S7
                                    T 514 286 1286 boutiquemtl@canardsdulacbrome.com

                                    Pretty much the same selection as on St-Laurent, still missing a few items. No lunch counter. They have an all-duck dried sausage that looks good.