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Huang Fei Hong spicy peanuts?

Saveur wrote a bit about them, basically sounds like peanuts with chiles and sichuan peppercorns. Anyone seen them in Boston? Figure one of the markets has them, but was hoping for some confirmation before planning a trip.

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  1. Scored some at a Ranch 99 Market (north of Seattle) and found that the pepper corns pretty much arrested my taste buds, just wasn't for me. Also bought another brand, 'La Cheeta' Dau Phong Te Cay Spicy Peanut. The pepper corns were not so prominent, nice mild chili heat, and ate the whole 110g bag. Good Luck

    1. I've been buying them for years at HK Supermarket in Allston. They frequently have them in the impulse buy snack zone near the registers, but you might also look in the snack aisles farther back in the store. They're super tasty, and there's so much dry chile and sichuan peppercorn bits in there that when you're done with the peanuts, you have enough material to go cook dinner. You'll never need to buy another bag of sichuan peppercorns again.

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        Thx.. I got them in Allston, right up front like you stated..

      2. If you want a cooked version, I remember trying something that sounds like that at Sichuan Garden in Woburn. Seemed like an odd thing to have for an appetizer, but we were working our way through every menu item w/ a chili next to it :-)

        1. Found them at Ming's in the South End. They were located to the left of the checkout as you face out to the street.

          1. I've seen that company's products pretty much everywhere I shop. Be warned, they offer a snack, a dried pepper stuffed with nut paste (peanut or sesame) which is truly fabulous if you can find good ones, but theirs are pretty terrible, all husk and no filling. Here's a blog post with a picture of presumably better ones--but the only ones I've seen in the US are the Huang Fei Hong ones.


            1. Saw some at the back of Cmart in Chinatown. Enter on Knapp St.

              1. I got some a couple of weeks ago at H-Mart in Burlington.

                1. Just ordered some on Amazon. Interested in trying them.

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                    it might be overpriced on there. I believe at the asian market they are $1 ...


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                      With free shiping and no cost of gas to drive there it is close enough in cost for me to give them a try (bought 6 packs). If I get hooked, may need to find another supplier.

                  2. They have them at the little Asian Market in Summer St. Marketplace in Chelmsford.

                    1. Wow. My shipment came. Who knew that fat, MSG, chilis & sichuan peppercorns tasted so good together (except everybody who likes sichuan food)? My tongue is totally destroyed, it feels like my ears do after a way too loud concert with no earplugs.

                      1. Found some ma la dried peas at Super 88 in Allston.

                        1. Thanks for the tip - I've started getting these at the Super 88 in Allston (two packs for $2) and have rapidly gotten addicted.

                          1. H Mart in Central has them for $1.79.