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Bistro du Midi and Erbaluce

Has anyone been to these restaurants? Thought we'd go for a birthday dinner. thoughts Other suggestions?

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  1. I have been to Bistro du Midi many times and love it. Both the food and the atmosphere are wonderful. I highly recommend the duck and the pork chop. I also like the soufflé but I am not so picky when it comes to these. The bar makes a good drink and the wine list is solid. The barbajuans are a great appetizer and so is the lamb tartare. The only thing I ever didn't like was the fried artichokes. They had a greasy flavor that I found off-putting. Great place and great for a birthday dinner.


    1. That s very helpful. I assume that you're not familiar with Erbaluce. It sounded a little experimental for taking 5 people out for dinner. Bistro du Midi sounds like just the ticket from your comments. Thank you!

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        In November, I took a birthday party of five to Bistro du Midi and we all enjoyed it. We sat in the middle of the dining room but they also have some more private alcove seating. I don't know how big your party needs to be to request it, but you might look into it. You are right I have never been to Erbaluce and I can't judge the food, but I don't believe the atmosphere is quite as charming as Bistro du Midi. Still there must be someone on here who is in a better position to speak to that.


      2. loved erbaluce but very different experience great food and wine1

        1. Just spent by birthday dinner there Friday night. Loved it. Had an intimate table by the fireplace. Waiter was knowlegable and efficient. Pork belly ap was amazing as was the bouillabaise and pasta bolognese w duck and feta. Great coffee too. Too full for dessert. Perfect place to celebrate an anniversary.

          1. Love both of these places. With the Theatre District area beoming more commercialized by the month, it is nice to have places like these two around. Erbaluce's menu changes quite often with some of their offerings so I have had better food experiences there.

            Bistro du Midi has an amazing menu too and nicer views [depending on your seat]. I would agree with other commenters with Erbaluce being a different experience, but if you wanted cozy neighborhood feels for atmosphere, you can't go wrong with either.

            1. Decisions, decisions! Both of these places sound marvelous! It sounds like, for this occasion, when we're taking others out, maybe Bistro du Midi is a more conventional choice and we'll save Erbaluce to enjoy ourselves.
              Thank you for your input!

              1. I'll add my two cents. I have been to both places and agree with the others that they both very good but both very different when it comes to the styles of food served. I prefer Bistro du Midi and probably been there at least 8 times. Ditto on the all the comments made by others. Great room (although a bit noisy when it is busy), nice views (depending on the table), well made cocktails, excellent servers and a wonderful, varied menu.

                1. My stomach's grumbling and we have to wait until Saturday!

                  1. I have also been to both, but for this occasion, I think Bistro du Midi is a better bet.