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Feb 23, 2013 12:32 PM

Does anyone remember the name of THIS cookie (new)

(I admit that I was inspired by a recent thread where a fellow Chowhound re-discovered info on a discontinued Nabisco cookie.)

I have searched many bakeries for what I think was a popular bakery cookie back in the day (New York area), maybe similar in some ways to "Black & White" cookies- the icing was a solid pink though, and hardened a little bit to a shell consistency. I can't remember if the flavor was straight sugar cookie or a little bit of a ginger or anise to it. I mainly remember that shell pink top. And if I knew what it was called, I could probably order some on-line from the last bakery out there somewhere that still makes them. Thanks,
Florida Hound

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  1. That sounds similar to the cookies I used to love at the Roselyn Bakeries in Indianapolis. Their cookbook is out there and has their recipe in it. I have the book and made them once - they tasted REALLY sweet to my older tastebuds, but they were still pretty good in a nostalgic way...

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      I might have to track down the book if all else fails. Thanks for the lead.

      I have several versions of "Roselyn Bakeries" by other names in my childhood memories. The smells of all that wonderful bakery stuff all around, while picking out a special after school pastry or cookie. Maybe a stop after a movie in "the city" before getting back on the bus to go home. The bakery section in Publix Supermarket these days churns out some fantastic products, but the atmosphere just isn't the same.

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        oh, Roselyn's brownies. LOVED their brownies.

        1. re: sunshine842

          The coffeecakes were really yum, too.