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Yamazaki "Lunch Pack"

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Every time I'm in Japan, I'm on the lookout for Yamazaki-brand "lunch packs." These contain two squares of crust-less bread filled with a seemingly unlimited number of items- peanut spread, omuraisu, egg salad, chocolate three ways- and are never refrigerated either. For more info. check out the (Japanese-only) site: http://www.yamazakipan.co.jp/lunch-p/...?.

For whatever reason, I enjoy trying new varieties, as long as they don't contain mayonnaise (no problem with mayonnaise, but I'm familiar with the excessive use of the stuff in East Asia too). Do any CHers like these products too?

Has anyone found the lunch packs in the US? I know that there used to be a store called Yamazaki in Midtown Manhattan many, many years ago, but at the time I didn't know about lunch packs.

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