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Feb 23, 2013 09:40 AM

Chinatown dinner with kids, vegetarian and meat-eaters- suggestions?

We will be in Chinatown in a few weeks with fairly adventurous kids, but two of them are vegetarians and two are confirmed meat-eaters...looking for a good place for dinner..

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  1. How strict are the vegetarians?

    There's probably going to be cross contamination issues if you go to a place that is not strictly vegetarian. There will possibly be hidden chicken stock or oyster sauce in some dishes. Sometimes tiny dried shrimp or tiny bits of ground pork are used as a topping on dishes.

    How squeamish are the kids? Will seeing hanging racks of ribs, suckling pig, or roast duck bother them?

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      one is pretty this going to be impossible? she won't like the hanging racks, but she can suck it up if she doens't have to eat it...

      1. re: JennyRH

        Will the meat eaters accept a purely vegetarian restaurant?

        See also:

        1. re: JennyRH

          vegetarian paradise on Pell Street works