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Feb 23, 2013 09:23 AM

Potatoe Buns

Making burgers now, and really wanna try some potato buns. Supposed to be the bun to use for the best burger. Having trouble finding em, any suggestions?

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  1. Sadly I have not seen any potato buns sold at any grocery stores.You could try making them,otherwise just use a standard Wonder bread bun.I find that the bun is just a vessel for the meat.

    1. In your position, I'd be dialing the bakeries on Bayview. Someplace like Epi may do.

      1. I don't recall seeing them at Epi or Cobs though Cobs does carry a good white flour burger bun.

        1. Simple to make. There's a good video on the Cook's website. Failing that, gather up a few friends and approach a small bakery. I'm sure they'd fill orders for 4 or 5 dozen.

          1. did you try any of the suggested places in this thread?