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Feb 23, 2013 09:06 AM

Moab (recent) Recommendations, please

We will be in Moab next week, staying in the downtown area and wondering about someplace for dinner. We'd like something we can walk to, as we will be in the car traveling all day, and the next, heading from Wyo to Mesa, AZ.
Is that pizza place (forgot the name, but saw it in some older threads) anywhere around there? We aren't looking for fancy, just some good food.

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  1. Well, I looked up some restaurants, and may try the Moab Diner, or Pasta Jays. It will depend on what time we get there, hopefully clear roads!

    1. Well, we ate at the Moab Diner, loved it and highly recommend it. We went for a walk on a nearby walkway, and then returned for ice cream later. I got the Sante Fe plate: chicken tenders smothered in green chili, with a jalapeno popper, salad, rice. It was great. Husband got a green chili smothered roast beef sandwich. We enjoyed the food. It's not over priced, just good, diner style food. The french fries were fresh. Other plates coming out of the kitchen looked good, too.

        1. On the return trip, we ate at Pasta Jays. Food was great, service was great.. they really hustled!
          If you eat there, keep in mind the entrees are huge, we could have easily shared a dish, but, we didn't order soup or salad. We sat with a view of the kitchen, fun to watch, not a full kitchen view, but enough to see the hustle and the interaction.
          The salads and soup looked really good, too.
          I had vegetables in a cream sauce over linguine, husband had the Alfredo Williams (chicken cutlet with fettucini alfredo).
          I guess one could characterize this as an American Italian place, but that was O.K. with us.

          1. The Diner is great for breakfast and Pasta Jays is very good as well. I'm also a fan of the Moab Brewery (I've always had better service in the 'bar').

            If you're a burger fan I'd make a stop for sure at Milt's Stop & Eat. There isn't much in the way of indoor seating but the grub is amazing and the milkshakes are darn spiffy.

            The pizza place that you're thinking of might be Zak's. Wood-fired pizza, salad bar, etc. Has been good in the past, especially the buffet if you're hungry. Bit pricey unless you're a big eater.

            I've been going to Moab for a long time for mountain bike vacations and these places listed above are always on our 'not to be missed' list.

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              We didn't want to drive anywhere, and were staying downtown.
              Milt's looked interesting. We were going to hit the Diner for breakfast, on the way down to Mesa, but that would have been a Sunday morning, and they were closed. On the return trip, we thought about it for breakfast, but wanted to get on the road, so just hit a drive through.