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Feb 23, 2013 06:49 AM

Singapore - Thai-style "Yee Sang" at Thanying

Chinese New Year dinner at Thanying restaurant this evening with my Thai-Chinese relatives from Bangkok visiting Singapore. Thanying has been Singapore's leading Thai restaurant since the 1980s, and still shows no sign of relinguishing its position even today.

Plush interiors, friendly service and authentic food, as attested by my visiting Bangkok aunts, were the order of the day.

What we had:

- Thai-style "Yee Sang" (raw fish salad which is traditional during Chinese New Year in Singapore), with the usual Chinese ingredients (crisps, various julienned vegetables and candied fruits) plus Thai ingredients like finely-julienned kaffir limes leaves, pomelo (echoes of "yam som o" salad) and "phrik kee noo manao" (bird's eye chillies and lime dressing). It was absolutely fabulous!

- "Tom kha kai": Chicken and mushrooms in galangal-coconut milk soup. My fave Thai soup of all time, and done to perfection here.

- "Poo ja": minced pork and crabmeat stuffed into a crabshell topped with saled duck's eggyolk and deep-fried;

- Stuffed chicken wings: these were deboned then stuffed with seasoned minced chicken meat;

- Kaeng kheaw wan kai": Chicken green curry with aubergines and pea eggplants;

- "Pla sam rod": Deep-fried garoupa with sweet-spicy sauce.

- Stir-fried water spinach with fish sauce and garlic.

We were too stuffed to go for Thanying's famous dessert buffet.

Address details
Amara Hotel Level 2
165 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088539
Tel: +65 6222 4688

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  1. I like Thanying too but their prices have always been a bit high. Of course they use high quality ingredients compared to other Thai restaurants.

    My favourite Thai restaurant is Yingthai along Purvis Street.

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    1. re: makanputra

      Yes, Yingthai has indeed improved over the decades. Not sure if the owners have changed, but it was started by a Hainanese family - one of the founder's sons married a Thai wife who's also a great chef. The Hainanese family used to run an eatery-cum-bakery along Purvis St which made traditional Hainanese mooncakes (the flat type) during the Chinese Eighth Month. They branched out into serving Thai food in the early-90s and never looked back since.

    2. Fascinating. Pity I missed the Thai-style yee sung now that CNY is over! You should have invited me along! ;)