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Feb 22, 2013 11:41 PM

rugelach dough for hamantaschen?

I'm not a huge fan of butter dough for hamantaschen - it can be a little too crumbly for my taste.
Do you think I can use the classic creamy, pliable dough I love for rugelach to make hamantaschen? I'm worried they'll fall apart. Has anyone tried this? Thanks.

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  1. i have and generally do... i personally prefer the creamy, slightly tangier taste of rugelach dough. i use a little more sugar than i do for just plain rugelach, and i generally cut in half or omit entirely the sour cream in my rugelach recipe. i also have done a few batches using an egg yolk to give a little more structure to my hamantaschen dough, rather than exactly mimic the rugelach.