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Feb 22, 2013 11:33 PM

Ashland, Early 2013 Update

The OSF season officially opened tonight, so it seems like a good time to give an update of what's changed with Ashland's restaurants.


* Chateaulin (& Chateaulin Bistro): Closed last fall. It's been on the market since late last year, and the realtor shows a "sale pending" mark on the listing, so keep a good thought that the space will be humming again this year.

* Grilla Bites: Closed. No new tenant in that space yet.

* Larry's Cupcakes: Larry moved to Eugene to be closer to family.

* Munchie's: Closed a few weeks ago. Mix reportedly will be taking over the space to expand their wholesale baking operations, and to allow expanded seating in their main shop.

* Old Farmhouse: Opened briefly last year down by Albertson's, but closed just recently (the whole chain closed). Not sure if it's permanent or not.


* Hana Sushi: Replaced by Umi Sushi, which appears to be a little more all-Japanese (no Korean/Chinese that I noticed). Mothership appears to be in Jacksonville.

* Larks did a remodel; nothing drastic, just a little more modern, a little less feminine. The original chef (Damon Jones) is back, with a somewhat revised menu.

* Red Hibiscus: Replaced by CJ's Bistro, a burger/sandwich/soup shop.

* Smithfield's is now doing lunch on weekdays. Killer reuben and fries.


* Star Sushi: Ashland is awash is Japanese! New hole-in-the wall on East Main across from Bloomsbury Books. Haven't tried them yey, but looks promising.

That's the short list; more details as we try the new ones later this year.

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  1. Thanks, w0x0f,
    I've felt like the Maytag repairman lately with you and Runnin'Rob AWOL.
    I looked at the CJ's menu and it looked promising, but I haven't tried it either.
    Red Hibiscus never fulfilled the hope I had for it.
    Also, My buddy Sam has a GYRO cart which he usually locates at the Ray's in Phoenix. I think he'll be there most days as the weather clears up and warm days arrive.

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    1. re: bbqboy

      Hey, sorry! Didn't mean to leave you hanging on your own!

      CJ's gets mixed reviews on Yelp, and I haven't tried it yet, so can't comment on them. Red Hibiscus: yeah, was really looking forward to good Hawaiian. I go to NoHo's in Medford or Kobe for my kalbi ribs fix.

      A good gyro would be a good thing. I like the ones at Happy Falafel, but somehow rarely seem to get there.

      Very happy that Chipotle is now open in Medford! I like that Milagro's is attempting to be a "healthy" version of them, but when I want Chipotle, I want the whole thing--crazy salty chips, the carnitas with fajita veg, etc.

      Links for this thread:

      1. re: w0x0f

        Have you ever tried the Sunrise Cafe on Main in Medford?
        Pretty good stuff, but I'm no Hawaiian/Korean expert.