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Feb 22, 2013 07:50 PM

Horse Meat on the Menu in Philadelphia

With horse abattoirs once again legal in the US, the chef and owner of MONSÚ has said that he is adding horse meat to the menu beginning in April. Although my father fondly remembers the horse meat hoagies he ate as a young man in Philadelphia back in the 50s, I have not even the slightest curiosity to sample horse meat, but I can understand that there are those who enjoy it and/or are curious to try it.

So, if it comes to pass and horse meat does get on the menu, is this something that you will seek out?

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  1. The article talks about importing the meat from Canada. I wonder if that was ever illegal. As far as I know the only change in US law was that the last Dept of Ag. authorization did not include language banning the funding of inspectors in horse abattoirs. That does not mean that any are currently, or will soon, be operating the USA.

    1. I would definitely try horsemeat. Actually, I've been wanting to try it ever since I saw it in supermarkets in France. My better half, however, grew up in France, had it when he was a child and said it is absolutely disgusting. He said it tasted like beef gone bad--merde! I still plan on sampling it. Why not?

      1. I love horse meat - if it's on the menu, that's what I'll go for. I've been enjoying it here in Toronto for ages and have had it several times in Europe as well. Here at home, I've only seen the filet on offer, but in Germany and Switzerland I've had sausages and less tender cuts done in a braise. All delicious!

        1. Nope - I was served horsemeat at a dinner, so I (happily) tried it without knowing what it was. Didn't care for it, so won't be seeking it out.

          1. I would not go all the way to Phillie, but if a local restaurant was serving horse at a fair price I would definitely want to go for it (if it could be guaranteed not to contain bute or toxic wormers). I've tried horsemeat once...and even though I overcooked it, it was delicious.