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Feb 22, 2013 04:33 PM

4 Days in Hong Kong: Need the "Don't Miss" plus 1 special romantic dinner

My sweetie and I will be in HK mid-March. I'd like recommendations for the "must try" Chinese plus a fine dining experience for her birthday dinner. (any cuisine) Suggestions? Thanks

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  1. You should be able to get what you want from this current posting
    As for your special romantic dinner. For western , I would recommend the Michelin 3* Caprice. For Chinese, either the 2* 'Tin Lung Heen', 1* 'Yan Toh Heen' or the new 'Above & Beyond'. For Japanese, the 2* Ryugin. All four have great views! So be sure to ask for a window table when making the reservation!

    1. Thank you, Charles. I looked at the posting yourecommended. My sweetie has now narrowed her birthday dinner preferences to excellent seafood and/or Peking Duck. Do your recommendations still apply? Thanks again.

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        Seafood recommendations still apply
        As for Peking Duck. I'm not into that often, However, the couple times I had it at 'Peking Garden' ( Central and Admiralty branch ), they were nicely done and enjoyable. Just the two of you for a whole duck?! You two must have big appetite!! Ha!
        Have fun!