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Berger cookies - temp shut-down

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For those who like Berger cookies (I don't):

There is a reason stores stopped receiving deliveries of Berger Cookies a few weeks ago.

The Cherry Hill bakery was shut down by the Baltimore City Health Department on Jan. 31, according to department files, because it was operating without a license....

When deliveries of Berger Cookies stopped after Jan. 31, retailers were told that there had been a roof collapse at the bakery. But there was no evidence of roof collapse when a reporter visited the facility Friday morning.

The Berger Cookie website tells customers that its operations have been suspended because of an illness in the family but no details have been provided. However, Franklin Square Hospital has confirmed that Berger owner Charles DeBaufre, Jr. is in the hospital in serious condition. A neighbor of DeBaufre’s, Mary Harris, said she believed he had been taken to the hospital by paramedics last week. No other details were available.


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