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Feb 22, 2013 03:59 PM

Park Slope - Quiet and Casual?

Looking for a date night in-around Park Slope, or anywhere along the F train in Bklyn that's quiet enough to relax and converse. Any cuisine would do. The most important factor is feeling comfortable and unhurried.

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  1. Walk about a half-mile from the "F" and go to RoseWater on Union St. & 6th Avenue.

    Just what you're looking for. They have a well-worth-it $28 three course Monday thru Thursday.

    1. You might consider Soigne, a restaurant/ wine bar on Sixth Avenue around 12th Street, not too far from the 7th Avenue stop on the F train.

      I know that "wine bar" implies small and tight, but Soigne has a full bar with comfortable bar seats, and a nice, attractive space with plenty of tables. It's conducive to quiet conversation.

      The food ranges from good to excellent, and the price is right (or at least it was the night my friends and I dined there). They don't rush you at all, and I think you'd be welcome to linger over wine as long as you'd like.

      1. Applewood would be perfect and just two blocks from the F.

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          Thank you for all the suggestions. We ended up going to Brookvin and it was just perfect.