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Feb 22, 2013 03:03 PM

Jackson MS- Soulshine vs Sombra

anyne been to either of these restaurants- we are going next weekend and a friend in Jackson recommended them- reviews look good for both.....

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  1. We live down here in Lower Alabama not, but lived in Jackson for 25+ years and we ate at Soleshine many times. At the time it was, and may still be, the best Pizza I have ever eaten. Don't know about Sombra. Never heard of it. Maybe it wasn't open when we lived there.
    We live in Foley, AL now and Pappa Murphy, a made in the Pizza store, but cooked at home is the best down here.

    1. You really have 2 different types of places here so it depends on your mood. Soulshine is great pizza with a easy going atmosphere, Sombra is Mexican but more upscale than your typical Mexican place. Both are actually in Ridgeland which is north of Jackson in a nice area

      1. thx- we r heading over for a baseball toruney tomorrow and it's going to be so cold- we are probably going to Soulshine on lakeland b/c it's close to hotel..

        1. We went to Soulshine- had a reservation for 20 at 8Pm- we didn't get there until 9- I called to let them know- we had excellent service and pizzas came out quickly- we had our own waiter and were in and out in an hour... all parties gave it a thumbs UP!!